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[Everyday NFL] Julio – Jones

Reunion in the venue

The last Falcon and Viking’s battle returned to the first week of the 2015 season, when Viking Corner, Shavier Rhodes restricted Hilio Jones, let him only got 62.5 pass score. This week, the situation is still, Jones once again, Rodes only allows Jones to catch a four times.

Official website: Before you enter the university, only ARCHIECOOLY is a coach to go to your hometown. You are fortunate to be selected. But if you are not selected at the time, what career you will do?

Watekins’ return for Bill offensive groups will be great help, in the next game they expect to lack outside Robert – Woods (Robert Woods). Woods sprained in the game game, did not participate in this week’s training.

It is reported that Alan, who has passed an expert in the past, helping his palm of the palm of the palm. Allen said: “This expert said that we can reach 9+ inches, which is also the goal I want to achieve career, we will continue to work hard.”

JR: I have a good chemical reaction with Montana. I know what he is thinking, he can also understand my limb language. After another contact, the two can form a good tacit understanding, just try to see each other. I have said more than once, Joe (Joe-Montana) If it is a woman, I will give her about her. We can not only do teammates, but also do lovers. Nothing, he is the best quarter-off.

According to the CBS reporter news, the giant will continue to carry out all-round support for this team star, although the exterior controversy he has received is very large, although the team is dissatisfied with his punishment in his competition, the team thinks him will Aware of your own problems.

Face pressure also

The crow quartz Wei Qiao-Vlaco Sunday’s two pass reaches in the game of the lions were taken in the face of pressure. He also suffered the highest raid rate since the last two seasons.

“I have never clustered to the president or any representative NFL office is called & lsquo; the person who is in the event of the incident & rsquo;” Declaration of the team in the team is in the team. Express. “It is wrong about the news about me to Roger.”

Official website: I have worked together in your career. I have a lot of excellent quartz, I believe Joe-Montana and Steve Yang are the most special. Do you think you and who more? What is the difference between them?

A horse Pingchuan

The steel man runs Bell Bel in the night season, the second half is 6.11 yards from the first half of the 3.57 yards. He is doubled with the defensive player to double the second half, indicating that the steel man’s offensive line gives Bell enough promotion space in the second half.

The crow boss denies the pressure to maintain the “venting door” punishment

Baltimo Crow Board Steve – Steve Bisciotti has issued a declaration to deny that it is maintained to the NFL President Roger Gudel (Roger Goodell) to maintain the four-point guardian Tom-Brea Tom Brady reported four-game penalty report.

A team official told reporters: “You will not bet on this child, he knows us to support him, we also know what kind of player he is, he is not a question, he has a strong belief, also committed Lower a lot of mistakes, he will learn this. “

Yu Yue Longmen

Saint Junwei Mamala continued to kill the quarter in the ground, this week, he took the 63 yards of the boline propulsion code after contacting the defensive player this week. In at least 40 trolley running guards, Kamara reached 5.04 yards after contacting the defensive player, and the first column first.


Titan Runwand This week’s is the highest efficiency, Cheap Jerseys each advancement of 1 yard requires only 2.35 yards, and the Tiger running 卫 伯德德 costs 2.77 yards to advance 1 yards in the second.

JR: I always think that I can contribute more, hunger and goals are important. There is also a very important point to, I don’t want my fans to disappoint. They spend money is to come to see the wonderful games, then I have to do it all. I hope that they will say this when they walk out of the stadium. “Do you see Jerry Less’s great performance?” For me, they (fans) are important.

Brown focus

Brown taken, Yosh-Gordon became the focus of Brown passed the attack in the first game after the rebound. When he was on the court, he assumed 53.5% of the number of ball code (all players in this season).

Time controls

Representing 49 people’s first first start, quartz Guiji-Garobolo averaged 2.96 seconds, this week, the third length is the third length. Although the passing time is longer, Poland plays the best level when shooting.

Bill coach: I am optimistic about Watekins

Buffalo Bohal Rick Rex Ryan is optimistic about Sammy Watkins, Sammy Watkins, is optimistic about the next game against Jacksonville America Tiger, Watkins wounded on Wednesday. Activated in the list of reservoirs.

This interview with JerryRice can be described as a variety of twists and turns, cheap jerseys from china the start time uncertainty to the later location. Fortunately, I finally completed this interview in my most contentive location. The Great Wall climbed almost, we found a private place on the beacon began this interview. Before the interview starts, Rice deliberately extracts the hat and sunglasses. He said: “The expression is very important in interview, isn’t it?”. The equipment is ready, and the interview will begin.

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