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Relying on the steady performance of lightning and lightning, http://Outtact.net the church can enjoy more than one week on the throne of the head. I said, Justin Houston, is “the” premature decision “year’s best defensive player in my heart (he has achieved 4 killing, 16 hugs and 3 shots in the season. ball). Temsy Mitchell is still “Zhongyu’s”, “Multi-thesis” comes from this direction, and lightning may regard him as a furhead of the career. Hey, you have a feeling of copying twice by the furhead boy, and then there is another copy of Marcus Peters, which has been buryd by the lightning game, It also helped the chief to stabilize the Namedi area name with a full victory. Do you think these are not enough to let them name? That added one:

Texas will debut the series of documentary “tough trainees”

Local time Wednesday, Houston Dezhou official announced that the team will participate in the series of documentaries “Hard Knocks” in HBO tissue “Hard Knocks”. As a series of first quarters, the first episode will be broadcast on August 11. The documentary will deeply observe the multi-position of the player in the training camp and is committed to displaying the most authentic camp to the audience.

Recently, this 6-foot 5-inch weight 288 pound 3-year best defensive player told GQ magazine reporter his terrible recipe, and said that the diet is his second interest, he has to consume 5000 Carli’s food almost every day.

Before the last season, the eagle was considered a team of the playoffs, but they finally recorded 7 wins and 9 losses, including the score in the 14th game of Bradford’s first 14 wins, Bradford in health. The 3725 yard pass, 19 reacted and 14 cases were cleared.

Texas will become the first team participating in the documentary in the United States of America, which is also the United States, which participated in the filming in the 5th year. According to the relevant conditions of the alliance selection team, Texas people and other 8 teams were selected for this season, and the final team agreed to shoot, became the protagonist of the new season.

At present, the team seems to give Bradford once again, they will have completed a 2-year new contract. It is reported that the total contract value is 36 million US dollars, and it has attached 4 million mortal incentives, of which 2600 Van Ganjin is a guarantee part.

In NFL, victory means you have to persist in survival to the end. Falcon this season’s game to bear and lions is survived. This is not insulting them, need to explain? Although the old fans accuse me overestimate the lion, I also told me that they will play 5-11 this year, but the facts are better than the elimose, and the Detroit cannot achieve such results, they should be considered a national union strong team. Atlantan Femplay and they have worked hard, and finally rely on the final key to wipe the golden Tate (by the way, this penalty is no problem). The defensive side of DeSmond Trufant’s defensive party should not be, and it is this foul to send the lion to 1 yard line. But according to playback, his location should not need to pull Marvin Jones is. Last week I didn’t put the falcon row too much, just want to see what the performance of the playofty team with excellent quadrants. Now my problem is solved.

Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor positions, but the right corner guard is still not determined. Some reporters listed the list of people who may play, and Deshewn SHEAD, due to the ACL tear during the fenna, still in the process of recovery, and thus the most It is also competitive in Jeremy Lane, Jeremy Lane, Neiko Thorpe and Shaquill Griffin.

Interestingly, the past five participating teams have improved in the subsequent season, and the record is improved. NFL official attaches great importance to and pays attention to the documentary. It is bound to attract a lot of attention in Texas in J. J. Watt. For fans, this is an optimal opportunity to understand Texas people’s coaches and players.

According to the coach carroll, Renne is the most advantageous, but he serves as the right corner guards Seattle need to find another five-sense guard. When the super bowl 49, the five-point Wei Ren was hurting after being hurt, and the crash of the defensive group had just proved his importance.

Zhou Titan skills are shocked, first take the Rased Matthews, the screen short passed, the long drive is straight to the whole way, and then the Markus Mariota is a long biography to find Joe Jonnu Smith completed 24 yards, not less than Demarco Murray, a dust-free defenders desperately. Tennessee Titan defeated a pretty good team. And this is what Titan fans are expected: they defeated a team with the strength of the playoffs. The defensive group is relaxed compared to the second week, but Mario Taga and offensive group have retained victory with 33 points.

Breakfast: Blueberry, strawberry with oats; 6 eggs; bananas, apples. Second meal: 4 eggs, 2 peanut butter bread, bananas and honey; jelly with whole wheat bread. Lunch: 3 chicken breasts with sputum, as well as Broccoli. Second meal: More chicken breasts and sweet pictures and carrots. Dinner: whole wheat pasta; grilled asparagus. The second dinner: the meat is equipped with italian; broccoli.

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