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Tom Linsen believes that Gates just want to play lightningHunter Henry, the front cross-ligament torn season reimbursed season, the near-pendant position of lightning has a vacancy. Ingenious is that the proximal front of the team is still in the free market.

When I talked about this, Murray said: “Few people can combine large body and fast speed. I really have seen many Pitterson and Demarco – Murray game, but I am now It is just to do with my own way. “This second-year student also understood that Piteson and Demarco-Murray were the top two running guards in today’s alliance, and they had only 82 shots. . He must do the first, that is to stabilize your own position.

Lady, Ladain, Ladainian Tomlinson, has played with Gates. He said in the broadcast show: “I believe that Antonio is only willing to play with lightning. He is definitely thinking, the ball If the team is not a lightning, he will not consider. “

Murray continued: “I am now engaged in the training. First, I will guarantee that I will not step back, then go forward to the benchmark in my heart. A lot of holding ball attacks in the game is not a small thing, so I need to adapt to the offensive system as soon as possible, and my teammates are picked up. “

The general manager of the raid is a great victoryAuckland raids runowed tolatavius ​​Murray, which has been become the fragrant 饽 in the eyes of various experts and fans. It is one of the best players who are expected to be expected. He is 6 feet 3, with a weight 230 pounds, is a big man running in the league, once during the university, once required to change the line guard. Now Murre’s fellowship, many people will take a top-scale running guard, just like Adrian Peterson and Demarco Murray.

Reggie McKenzie, general manager of the raid, is also full of praise, he believes that Murray’s physical condition, if you can keep health, the number of squash codes is completely incomplete. “There is no doubt that he is not able to.” Mackenzi said.

Raine will accept inspections later this week to confirm whether he can return to the court. Quin said that the team will prepare for both hands. If Ryan can’t appear, then the Subtock 4-point Swan Matt Schaub will start at the end of the game.

In the offensive system of the Salunhan, the pavement attack mainly took the outside, which made unlimited possibilities for options. 49 people do not have problems in the depth of the format and bench, and now I have come to clearly read the four-point guards of defensive alignment, and their transforming water to the stream.

question? In fact, it is actually a little. Since 2014 was selected, Calibolo career had only two first hair. Although his performance in these two games is very good, Matt Castel and Matt-Flin can also be occasionally on the top. They also have given the legendary four-point guards, just as Jimmy-Garobolo. But both are not the four-point guard of the corned stone level.

After Ganobo came to the Bay area, the main four-point guard of 49 people in the first game was still CJ-Bessad. Look back, this is very wise to move. Quad-defense learning new offensive system takes time, especially considering that Galopolo career has only been exposed to a set of offensive systems; then, 49 people have been rotten, but there is no need to catch up. Day 12, CJ-Bessad injured, Jimmy-Garobolo with a sufficient understanding of new tactics, the day, the land, people, and one are not lacking.

George’s remarks immediately attracted many sicks, he immediately apologized for him to support Les: “I have to apologize to all the victims of all women and domestic violence, my original intention is not to read this thing. “The Pacers’ Chairman, the NBA Legend Nu Larry Bird (Larry Bird) also expressed his disappointment of George, he said:” George said too much, he did not realize the seriousness of things. We have talked with him and told him that both NBA or the pedestrian team will never tolerate this happening. “

I don’t know if you have seen the last two minutes of the last two minutes? This round of offensive finally completed the shot of 49 people, but I would like to see Garobolo more self-confidence through the winner. At the time, he was confident to take over, told who should go; then he gave the offensive line to the blood; finally, he used his own performance to live 49 people’s attack.

George said in the tweet: “Our Web Site attitude towards the Les event is like we treat the police violence! Persist, buddy!” Although George has deleted a lot of comments about this matter, Leave evidence, such as he said, “I don’t think you can be forgiven, but if both parties are not uncomfortable, why not let the guy will continue playing?”; “If you are talking about falling in love, the woman Suddenly, I will attack you, (you caught her), of course, I don’t think she. The buddy is wrong, come on. “

NBA superstar refused to Rose defendThe star of the Indiana Pacers, Paul George, sent several twirs in Thursday, defending the Ray Rice of the Baldo Rice, while the latter is suffering from the scandal of domestic violence The dismissal of the crow and the stop penalty of NFL.

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