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The wave became the second place in the second place in the next year. The first Carolina black panther player. Previously, the denim signed a defensive cutaway McCoy, which was the top season for the panther, Gerald McCoy. After the two defensive cut off, the cowboy has greatly enhanced the depth of the defensive front line.

The first heavy head in the second half of the season, the two 6-2 negative teams in the Melan West are will meet. The Denver Mabras, the first (average limit of the number of opponents) to the Bay area, and the Auckland raid team of the first (average passed 285.1 ym) of the United States. Contradictory war is about to come.

Nike Patriots #80 Danny Amendola Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyNFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the cowboy has agreed to the basic terms of the contract according to the influence of the defensive cut off. The two sides are improving detail, but have already been determined that the cowboy will be added.

The third grade of the Auckland raid team Delik Carl has gradually grown into a three-point quarter of the league. In the game last week, Karl crazy came out of 513 yards, 4 times of passing to reach and did not be Copy. This data has also become a 500 yard from the third single field in the history of NFL, 4 times, and has not been copied, the first two are the ancient legend celebrities 4-point guard Ya Turnre and Tonight Rotter Rotley. The raid person first left the left cut, Donald – Pan En got the milestone of his career last week, in the face of the old land, the offensive front line player got a ball to reach the battle, became the NFL history. More than 300 pounds of players who have a large number of times (4 times).

Denver Morn Horse has lost a lot of teams in the team’s defensive group, but they still retain the powerful defensive backfinder combination. In the game last week, in the game of San Diego, the corner of Bradley was completed at a 49-yard copy of the CD. This is the third time to do in the season’s horses. The most valuable player Feng-Miller this season last season is quite good. As of the last week’s game, I have already won the second 8.5 killing of the league, although the raid people’s offensive frontline is in the entire assembly, But in the face of Miller in the peak of the career, it is estimated that they will not be a bit lord.

General Manager of the Lion: Willing to pay down in the election first round

Beijing April 4th, the general manager of Detroit Lion Bob Quinn admitted that there is a player in the first round of the first round.

“I have always liked to choose the right, so if we can move a few times and get a draft, I think this year’s draft from the first round to the third round is enough to emerge many really excellent players. If I You can move a few times, pick a good player and get a draft, this will be great. Everyone is good, I am willing to negotiate. “

San Francisco 49 people signed four points Kristian – Pound

Tuesday, San Francisco 49 people completed the team’s four-shock panel depth, according to the ESPN reporter’s news, the team and the old four-dimensional Swan Kristian-Bound completed a year contract.

But increased draft is a thing that Quin is watching when the new England patriots work. In that, Bill Belichick, often adds draft privileges through transactions during the draft, and selects the excellent player.

After making up for the biggest vulnerability in the free player market, the lions need to use the draft to continue to reinforce lineup. And more videos must of course mean more choices. If Qui is a self-satisfactory transaction chip, he is willing to send the high-time selection of the hand in his hand.

But thinking that Lin Sai is already in a fashionable. Lin Sai has overcome the difficulties in front of his eyes in his career, including the high four-season knee cross ligament torn torn and in the election, he proves that as long as there is a team to give him a chance, he can dedicate a good performance.

After signing the Linshan, Texas has set three well-known players in the position of the running guard. They recently restructured David Johnson, and then signed the old Mark Ingram. These three players have been selected for 5 professional bowls. The 26-year-old Lindai is the youngest in the three people. And their three people last season did not exceed 150 times.

The former professional bowl runter and Houston Dezhou signed a contract for 1 year, Cheap jerseys with a contract value of $ 3.25 million, another $ 500,000 bonuses. This will also be the first time that Merlot will play for the team outside Colorado.

After the early days of his career, the number of rushing codes in a row of two consecutive seasons was broken, and the 2020 season of Lin Sai was unfavorable in the first week, encountering toes sprain. He is therefore absent five games, and the starting position is also a hand to let the new aid Melvin Gordon. Last season, he won the ball for 502 yards and 1 time. In addition, only 7 batches were completed 28 yards, both of the career and low.

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