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This is the former security, and the general manager of 49 people John Lynch is selected for 25 people. The Hall of Hall of Hall will then reduce the candidate to 15 candidates, and the final 5 candidates will be announced before the super bowl.

Cowboy officially adds the center Frederick to the retired reserve listUS time on Thursday, the cowboy officially adds the retired center Travis Frederick (Travis Frederick) to the injury reserve list, and tend to have a salary space of about $ 6 million.

In the next month, the 31-year-old Wadeer career entered the next year, but he still helped a team that needs reliably second-line defensive players. This happens to be the role that he has always played since the 37th champion of 2007. Before the injury is born this season, Wadere has started every game for lightning since 2010.

Hayden also turned off the Gaoff, and then copyed the pseudo-Hekker who blindly kicked the truth-Hekker. Gaofman was killed four times, T. J. Watt contributed twice. Since 9.16, Fitz Patrick has completed 5 copy, 2 times, reacted 2 times.

This season, Gore completed the individual 961 yard in the case of the horses. His career has spent 49 people and pony in San Francisco, and we don’t know what to make a decision, but at least he completed a milestone.

Frederick announced the decision decision in March, but in order to disperse the salary space to two different seasons, the denim chooses him to leave him in the official list. Frederik originally sets for $ 11.04 million in 2020 (dead money), and now only $ 49.75 million, the remaining US $ 60.65 million will be assigned to 2021.

Lightning Safety Wei Del is placed in the injury reserve listRegardless of whether the lightning has already played the last game of San Diego, the safe Wei Rick-Wedr (Eric Weddle) may have already played the last game as a lightning player.

Woodson has been selected for professional bowls 9 times, and the career completed 65 cases of copying, and the history of history is fifth. Johnson’s effectiveness in the Detroit Lion, and his career five seasons pushed 1200 yards, and the ball propelled the code number ranking history No. 31.

These spaces do not affect the renewal negotiations of Dak Prescott, although Prescott has taken up the label contract $ 31.5 million. If he has signed a multi-year contract, the 2020 value may decline.

At the time of interview, Kitel said: “I think it is generally neglected, or it is not enough to promote the original ceilings, Kelsea is new, and Kelsea has got a good new. About. I know Zach Ertz (Zach Ertz) is also fast, others will keep up. This all makes me feel very interesting, I also believe that near-end counters will continue to prove their value to the team. “

Kittel has been a total of $ 55 million in $ 58 million yesterday, and has become the highest salary close to the league. The contract period and the annual salary have set up near-end recording. The previous two records were Austin Hooper (4 years) and Henry (10607,000).

Pittsburgh defensive today is still good, safety Swan Fitzpatrick fell to Jared Goff, and attacked 43 yards to complete the reachable. After that, he copied a pass by Joe Haden and changed the trajectory, which helped the steel man to lock the victory. Then the steel man will be against the arrassat.

Pony can’t enter your comfort. Jacoby Brissett is unable to play, and Wholesale Nfl jerseys the passing of the four-point Weiner-Hoyer Passing 3 times. The old Adam-Vinatieri missed an additional shot, and 4 points poorly means that the pony cannot be flattened with any racket, and can only work hard to reach. The pony offensive group eventually failed, and the dolphins received two consecutive wins.

Manning is one of the most honorable players in the history of the league: 5 times to elect the alliance regular game MVP, 14 times selected professional bowl, 7 times selected the best lineup, and won the player Award and the annual Water Papent Award.

Packaging workers have taken over Davante Adams to complete 7 games and promote 118 yards. James Bradberry (inguinal) (inguinal) After the injury is absent, the black panther can’t find people who can truly restrict Adams.

The Black Leopard is not bad when he is not compressed, but he is suffering from the defenders. Although the passed forward of 307 yards to create a new high, Allen is turned off, and it is copied once. When the first time, the five games are really good, but lost to 49 people and packaging workers, the team of the Leopard and the National League level may still have some gaps.

The pony has become 5-4, and the people who are still American southern launches soon, they seem to have a problem. The most important thing is that the days of the change in the player seem to be still coming.

On the other hand, Mason Rudolph 38 passed a 22nd, promoted 242 yards, and James Washington reached a time. He was also killed 3 times, of which the safety division was caused by Aaron Donald. But he also completed three three-speed conversion and 4 gear play.

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