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In summary, the patriot is signed that Wayne is just a long to relieve the urgent needs, and does not mean how much help he can provide for patriots. Of course, Wayne will quickly adapted to the patriotic tactics. It is not completely unobeding, but from his performance from last season, Wayne may have spent it in a sluggish.

First left dish, Tyron Smith (back, hips), new Shiji Wei Shi more than-Awuqi Awuzie (leg branch), play the ball Dan Bailey (right groin right ) And the external handles Cole beasley (brain shock) did not participate in training.

According to the data given by the professional football focus website, Wayne’s total score last season is only poor -12.2 points. Wayne has been talented to the rivers and lakes with extremely stable and excellent ballistics, but he reached 9 times last season. Even the most of his best, you have begun to lose, and you can’t admit that Wayne has reached the edge of retirement.

Previously, the red scitch and packages were also interested in Gates. This is also a chance to win the chance to coach Sam Darnold, compared to the players who have received in the dolphins before, and there is not allowed to have flowers. Because of the young and potential four-defense, Gates has proven their ability.

MARSHAWN LYNCH MARSHAWN LYNCH During the team’s training, the time was chatted with teammates and learned the attack tactics of the Auckland raid. At least in the training, the raids made him stay in the field.

“Yes, he did great, he did great,” said Jack Del Rio, Jack Del Rio. “He will continue to do what we ask him to do. He is really working hard to learn tactics. He is doing very well in incorporation …. We have no problem here. He has always been like he said. It’s really active. “

32-year-old Wuxers was injured in the first game in the first season, and after he took the war over the season, the injury seriously affected his performance. In this year’s preseason, he also has a poor performance. At this week, Tom Coughlin clearly said that Weserford did not guarantee the team.

Leiji-Wayne is only a temporary firefighting team of patriots

New England Patriots announced the end of the old Wayne, which was signed, the old man who was signed, the old man who was signed. In fact, the patriot’s signing is also helpless. Because there are many external hands in the team, they have never been injured, nyhund.Com and they have to sign Wayne in the injury.

Pengola also mentioned that the team may need to be extravagant to use a new venue, the rent of the new venue may be as high as $ 2.7.1 million. He said: “Many people say that the current noise is serious, we can’t stay together to discuss this problem.”

Giants cut the player Warserford transaction to get the abandonment

The New York Giants and the team is also one of the most recognized players, and signed a young abandonment. They cut off the team’s effort to give the team’s efforteen Steve Weatherford, and got the Pittsburgh Steve Wyatherford. Brad Wing.

Last older players generally show tiredness at the end of the season, and the body’s pertacity and fatigue make themselves unable to show all the skills. It will often play a negative role in the field. The small horse last season is obviously aware of this situation. From the latter half of the season, we gradually reduce the number of Wayne’s playback, his number of passes has dropped sharply, and the number of times per game can have 5 The above is the result of burning high incense. It is almost abandoned in the Menian Championships in the playoffs, especially in the Federation of Patriots.

At the last Pelugula in the conference, I shared a story heard before I bought the team. The content is someone calling to the station means if Bill leaves Buffalo they don’t know how fear will be. He said: “Fans of those fear are afraid of losing Bill because we are not needed to be worried about this.”

The giant cut Wethersford is considered to be related to his salary. He is one of the most salary players in the alliance. After cutting him, the giant saves $ 13.25 million wage space. It is best to hope that the temperature can continue to make the performance of the steel man.

At the official conference on Friday, the Bill introduced their new boss Trry and Kemi Pengula (Kim Pegula), said that they were very respect of Bill just die at the scene. The starter Ralph Wilson, he said: “We just bought the team, the team will continue to stay in Buffalo, continue to call the name of Bill.”

Pengola also has a NHL team, Buffalo army team, reflects his importance of Bill and the region. He said: “I know that many people discuss how much I spent how much I bought the team, I want to tell the fans, if I pay more, they will tell me.” Pepla flower 14 million US dollars I bought Bill from Wilson.

From Louisiana State University Wen in 2013 as a new show entry alliance. In order to get a qualified seven-round draft. He is widely considered to be one of the best abandoned kicks in the 2013 new show.

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