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Tiger defensive dish Surdere Due to four mild injuries

US Time Monday, Mammaking Zac Taylor announced that the defensive cutaway D. J. Rudder (D. J. Reader) Left legs were injured, and therefore absence the rest of the season.

Ruid is one of the important references of the Tiger Say season. He has signed a contract with the team for 4 years, with a total salary of 53 million US dollars. This is also the biggest contract for team history to give free players.

In the 9-year ending, Watt’s health is critical to the success of Texas’ s defensive group. Three times a year, the best defensive player, as long as it can get the opponent offensive front line and the four defense. But in recent years, Watt’s health is worrying. He has only one season of full seasons in the past four years, and he is selected for a while in the 2018 season of the 2018 season.

After missing the first game for Cheap Jerseys from china Chasing Titan, Rogers completed 13 pages in 13 pages, 128 yards, and a Darle (3 yards pass the Ball Landel Kuke (Randall Cob), Rogers Typical Attack method, run out the pocket to get more passage time). The second reachable, is a 10-yard roundabout running ball reachable, the ball is Jordy Nelson. However, due to the foul on David Bakhtiari, it has to be tapping.

“I will say that the situation of closing home makes me only training every day,” Watt said. “You can’t do anything else. You can’t go out. You can’t go to the movie. You can’t go out to eat. So this year’s snap-in, my training arrangement is great, because I have a full-end period to follow the way I need. Training. “

Rogers organized 12 attacks. When he fell in the next, the package was 10-0, and Wholesale Jerseys eventually defeated the St. Louis ram in 21-7. At present, the new season’s race is 1 win and 1 loss, will go to Lang next Friday. Bowball challenges the Auckland raid.

Dian Jelo Williams has been a member of the Pittsburgh, and is also a teammate of Bell. Recently, he said that if he is Bell, he will absent the training camp of the entire lift season because of his unable to complete a long-term contract, and attend the team regular season.

In the new season, Watt needs to lead a defensive front line that has not been tested. Last season, the three gears and red district defensive for Texas people made them easily reverse them in the Kansas City chiefs in the playoffs. Now, Watt needs to help young players grow and solve problems last season.

The 31-year-old Watt reviewed this year’s rest during an interview. In the case where the epidemic leads to the closure of the team base, Watt admits that it is closed at home and has no external interference.

Botes gave more than 17,000 yards in the 6-year end of the past, and Dalgited array – the coastal ratio of 103-75. He was once considered to be a four-point guard in the future of the Jigu, but eventually failed to achieve expectations.

The Haiying home has been named QWEST FIELD since 2004. In 2011, Quist Communications was acquired by the century, and the court was also named Century Internet Stadium. The name when the ball is the earliest is the Haiying Course.

In the game competition, the wild horse started four-point guards, Drew Lock, right shoulder rotation muscle injury, will lack 3 to 5 weeks, the wild horses are urgently needed to have experienced quartz. Subject to Jeff Driskel, in the gameplay of the strait Pittsburgh, it is good, and the performance is good. The 34 passes will successfully win 256 yards 2 times. Centered, let the wild horses keep the competition and lose their suspense to the last moment.

Texas defensive end J.J. Watt: The body has reached the best in the years

The epidemic still is still full of unknown factors, but Houston Texas Star defensive end J. J. Watt has found a factor that makes you feel optimistic in the past few months.

“I can pay attention to my nutrition every day. I will calculate my own calories in detail. I basically start from the rest period to completely change my body, from the perspective of training, this is really the most I experienced. One of the fun days, I am very satisfied. “

After leaving the Jacksonville American Tiger, Botes served last season for Los Angeles race, playing 3 games, twice. This is the first single season of the Bots career than 13 games. He only stayed in the sheep for a year.

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