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The Minnesota Viking people have achieved 6 consensus last week, and there are currently 8 wins and 2 losses ranks first in the country. Last week they lived at 254 yards at home, and finally won. External Hand Adam – Simlun and Run Wei Tatavius ​​- Murray won the team’s 3 times. This season, the external hand Hand has become the most important ball weapon of Viking people. He has currently taken 62 times to win 916 yards, which has become the first player in 2003. The top 10 games get 900 yards of players through 60 batches. Viking people and Simlun are currently hot, and they have a very high winning rate in the Thanksgiving Wars, and this game can be said to have a dragon fight.

3 years agoIn 2018, the first round of the elevation was selected in the first round of the first round, established his own main running guard in the playoffs. In the journey to the Super Bowl champion, he scored 336 yards and a record of the record. And in the regular season, he completed 209 shohed to get 931 yards 6 times.

Dedz – Bryant is injured in order to make a soup fingerDallas Cowboy Exterior Diez Bryant’s absence of three games, which he expected himself to train with the team at the semi-weeks of the 7th week.

[Event Review] Rosen Season Front Sugretou, Dolphin 22-7 Sheng America TigerBeijing August 23, Josh Rosen, in the third section, on the stage, directly guided a wave of 99 yards to advance and reached the array, the dolphins finally 22-7 defeated the American tiger, win the first The victory of the three-week season.

The patriot runs to restore quickly after the Schles surgery.Beijing June 24th, Sonny Michel, is absent from the new England patriots training, making many people. Until the mini training camp, there was reported that Michel recently received knee joint mirror surgery and was recovering.

He played how the role in the 2019 season patriotic array is unclear. The patriot is also James White, Rex Burkhead and James Develin, Rew Burkhead. Michel’s appearance time may be particularly threatened by Damien Harris this year. It is reported that Harris expresses his eyes in this spring training.

This is the 78th station in the Thanksgiving War since 1934. On Thursday, I have already achieved 4 consensus on Thursday, I have got 135 points and only 54 points. Last week they had just struck the other opponent Chicago Bear with 27-24. The quartz Westford completed 299 yards and twice. The final victory of the same game was playing the game, 1 minute 35 seconds before the end of the competition, the 52-yard shot eventually killed the game. This is a good old man who will play in his career all the last 2 minutes. It has completed 3 times at least 50 yards of lodging shot, and contributed this honor with other 5 people in NFL history. However, Pratt continues his own performance, this honor will soon be exclusive by him. If the game is once again dragged to the last moment, Pratt will be very likely to become a winner that determines the game.

Fitz Patrick completed 8 yards of the line in Section 3 with Mark Walton. Before this, he was 30 yards completed with near-ended Nick – Nick O & Rsquo; Leary and Mike Gesicki. The 29-yard connection is also worth seeing.

Rosen competes with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphin (record 2-1) starts four-guard position, this passed the ball 7 times completed 5 times, advance 59 yards, reached once, and complete 4 times Ball, advance 23 yards.

[Preface to the event] The 12th week of Thanksgiving Wars Viking @ 狮This week, NFL will usher in the annual traditional contest, Thanksgiving Wars. The first Thanksgiving War will be carried out between the two national UNUBY teams. Minnesota Weizhen will take away Detroit Lions, which is also for the second consecutive season Thanksgiving, and the 5th encounter of their Thanksgiving Series. Last season, relying on the key to the corner Daxus Shere’s key to the crosses and the 40-size shot of Pratt Pratt, the lion finally lost 3 points. For two teams in the playoffs this season, the civil war in this field is not lost.

After Runson’s top, spend 13 sets of offensive completed, including 39 yards that were completed with Aisa-Ford (ISAIAH Ford), 14 yards of self-awaiting, final Patrick, Leld (Patrick Laird) is a full completening of 5 yards to the squid.

Occupational Bowl Tips Challenge NFL tried some new tricks in this year’s professional bowl, set up a “Skill Challenge” to test the performance of the players, pick up the drone “biography”, or even play the ability to hide. According to the current report, the skill challenge may become a resident project.

It has always been, and the professional bowls and related programs have no way to sell like NFL regular seas, but the ratings are not different to allow cheap nfl jerseys from china to consider revocation of the program. The skill challenge will be a great help of the development of professional bowls.

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