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NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport and James Palmer reported that the Xiu Watson, which reported the rookie, Deshaun Watson, will be recognized according to the insider. Tom Savage served as the first.

& gt; & gt; & gt; Inner line Bennadrick – McKini vs. Run Danny Wood HideWood Hain has returned Cheap Jerseys From China the injury from the injury last week, but 12 files run as an external hand, and becomes a pass target. Interestingly, he has 17 files as an external hand movement and 9 times as a pass target. Such a ball-type running guard may be troubled to the Dezhou people’s internal Wendikini, although there are two games this season, the quarter ghoul is not dare to pass towards him, but once it defenss to him Passing, he puts an average of 15.1 yards at average. This is a good news for Wood Hyde and crow quiz, or a good news.

“We often joked, Tailo-Smith is the left-trick created by God.” Martin said, “the head is big, high, 320 pounds, there are 6 abdominal muscles. He feels unfair. His super Durable, each can easily remove the other party’s defensive end of the arm. When he seized you, you will not play. Not so, Tailo is more effort than others! “

The only thing that is worth noting is that the right knee injuries in the United States and the United States in the United States, the right knee injuries, Bryan Stork this week. He was officially listed as an unknown. This state means that the player has 50% of the appearance chance.

Stoke is the only player in this state. Akeem Ayers (Kneema), Sixty-point Wei Tom Braddy (ankle), Line Wide Tower – Heili (Dont & # 39; A Hightower (Shoulder), defensive cut Chris Jones (elbow) and defensive tripping Hilver-Sealver Siliga (foot) is listed as possible. This state actually means that the player will definitely be able to play. Breddy often appears on the injury list, but he participated in all training this week.

Teammates think that Tailong-Smith is the perfect left trunkCowboy may have the best offensive front line of the league, but in the view of the struck Martin, there is a player stands out, and the horizontal has a level of one level.

Viking people announced that they have already signed this front Auckland raid running guard on Wednesday night. Murray completed 195 shots last season to achieve 788 yards and 12 times of recent career. This contract is 3 years and is worth approximately $ 15 million.

But Murray has no intention to erase Piteson’s imprint in Viking. “I never thought about wearing or demanding jersey. I respect the AP, respecting his achievements and the meaning of the team,” I watched the Murre, who was worn on the 28th jersey at the raid.

Savig was replaced by the end of the Jacksonville American Tiger, he was killed 6 times in the first half and there were 2 times to grab the ball by the other party. Watson himself was killed 4 times and had a pass to be copied, but he led the Dezhou people to achieve the only one in the audience.

& gt; & gt; & gt; corner Karem – Jackson vs. External hand Jeremy MacinIn terms of passing the ball attack, although McClin is not as good as a few seasons, he still has the ability to manufacture super performances & mdash; & mdash; completed 48 yards in this season; the crow quarter The ball is 100.0, which is the highest in the whole team. This game, McClin will look for Texas people’s defensive second-line, and Jackson’s defensive slot may be his best choice. When Jackson defended his opponent, Jackson got a quarter-saving ball score of 125.3. A Jackson will be difficult to block McClin, whether the Dezhou Safety Guard can be in time and is the key to the team defense.

In February, the Viking of Adrian Peterson was previously column-ranked first. The countdown of the column countdown (75.3 yard). Murray averaged 4.0 yards per shine last season, and the number of career scorpion codes reached 2278 yards.

Eagle 4 points Sadfield: The joining of Xiuhz does not cause a wind waveWhen the Philadelphia eagle selected four-point guards in Jalen Hurts, most of the eyes turned to the first quartz, Carson Wentz. However, in fact, it should be the most influential in Hhz should be the replacement quadrotae Naret – Nate Sudfeld.

In addition to the direct dialogue of the above-mentioned officers, Crawni is not missed. After JJ-Watt and Moceres, Crawni provokes the defensive frontline, showing the status of compliments with the champion. This verse of Texas and Crows, although all media and experts are unanimously optimistic about the crow, but maybe today, the package work is the same as the steel man, until the last moment is divided into the victory. This field is the crow kicking the last feet free kick to lock the winning party, or the last feet of the Texas finally fixed Qiankun. Who can know?

& gt; & gt; & gt; Exterior hand De Andrew – Hopkins vs. Corner GM-Smith Saviqi returned to the first quarter-off, the team rely more on the head of the team’s number one after the ball attack. Last week, Hopkins won in the midpersion of Peterson, completed 3 games 65 yards 1 to more. In the past three weeks, Savich has 37 times to pass the ball to Hopkins, which is the most alliance. Moreover, Hopkins an average of 2.28 yards each running 2.28 yards is also the level of the leader 20. The game is against the crow, he will be taken care of by the corner GM-Smith, and Smith has played a career highlight performance. The attack and defense between the two will have a large extent to determine the trend. In addition to the exterior of the top and the top of the top, Texas people take over Bruce – Al Lington and the crow are also worthy of attention. Although Texas people have no way to send Fowler, Allington’s threats cannot make crows, last week, Elington seven times as passing targets were completed 6 times, of which 5 were completed in the slot. The crow will send Weber to defense in the slot. He has averaged 2.8 yards per defensive, and the average is 6.8 yards. Elington and Hopkins can find breakthroughs in Weber.

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