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[Green Bay News Express] 9/1 preseason fourth week observationThe front of the game, McCarthy emphasized the last week of the preseason, and the final list of 53 people was referred to. So this game is also the last opportunity for young players trying to perform. In the final 90-person play list, 28 of Rogers, Nelson, Montgomery, Haha, Matthewas, etc., have determined that the main iron will not appear. It is worth mentioning that the previous three weeks cannot play the corner of the guards of the sick, and the sanitary Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez are also on the ground. The last corner QUINTEN ROLLINS will also catch up with this last bus. Personnel flow: The package will have a long-open player Derek Hart, the outer handle Colby Pearson and the running guard William Stanback cheap Jerseys From china the list, at the same time, the uniform group also signed the four brilliant air Ahmad Brooks.

Rewick’s evaluation is shocked: he is a “strange” player This week’s focus war will be expanded between the Detroit Lion and the new England Patriot. The focus of this game is undoubtedly the positive pair of the lion take-away Jelvent-Johnson (Calvin Johnson) and Patriopters Darrell Revis.

In the next season, Wallace has the opportunity to be in the crow offensive group led by Joe Flacco, Steve Smith (Steve Smith, Jr.), Kamar Aiken and Breshad Perriman contributed together. However, don’t exclude the possibility of the crow in the draft, pick a pick-up, and you can get more help.

RB & MDash; & mdash; three signed new running guards Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, and Devante Mays almost scored at the last time, and finally three consecutive figures. This Jones 8 sho is 48 yards, including a 24-yard large size plus a ball to reach, plus the first two games have good performances, the new season is sitting second, the three running guards are not impossible. As for the first performance, the recent state of Jamaal is slightly declined, and the 11th mushroom 31 yard is still possible. In the last, there was no big performance, the Mays fell by “outer junction”, with two screens short through the 36 yards. Jamaal is not too much to walk, but Mays may not do it.

The wilted security free market has finally resumed the meaning of the vitality. Ziprane last year due to the absence of the entire regular season in front of the knee, Signing means that his status is close or returned to full health.

But don’t expect a miracle, because Wallace is disappointing in Viking. Last season he only completed 39 battles to get 473 yards 2 times, only 2 passed numbers reached 60 yards. Wallace has declined seriously during the seventh week to the eleventh week, and only 2 bolts were completed.

The 2013 two-year show signed a contract with Titan in 2017, but the injury hindered further development. First, the leg tenet will make him only 10 games in the 2017 season, then the ACL tear injury mentioned above. Titan finally cut him in March this year.

Let’s talk about the game, and the first quarter is the last half of the last half of the hundley. However, today, the first is still a defensive group: Corner Ladarius not only killed the four-point guard of the ram, but also copied the passing of Dan Orlovsky; and another corner QUINTEN mentioned above Rollins is almost a hard to defend two rounds of ram of ram. This running guard devante Mays is good, although Hundley is once killed, but Mays twice the screen short pass a total of 36 yards to have a pavement. 7-0.

Haiying two rounds of Frank. Clark Frank Clark ranked 5th in the 2015 191 sho, His weight 271 pounds, 40 yards 4.64, 20 yards returned to run 4.05 seconds, vertical jump 38.5 inches, with quite strong Sports talent, the first round of 3 bits of Dante Fowler, SPARQ ranked 33, his weight is 261 pounds, although the speed is 4.60 seconds to pass Clark, but 20 yards returns to run 4.32 seconds, vertical jump 32.5 inches The score is not as heavier. Clark. The Hawie’s three-wheeled Xiu Taylor. Although the performance is not bad, the ranking is just ranked 80 in 342 hands, and his achievements are mainly affected by 182 pounds; & mdash; too light NS.

Rewis sounded first before the game: “He can stand out in everyone, you must always pay attention to him. 6 foot 6 inch, 230 pounds, 40 yards only need 4.3 seconds, this is very strange. I like to be like him. The player, of course, also respects him. He has earned the respect of the alliance through his own performance. “

Rewis often practiced with Rob Gronkowki, but he said that Johnson is a completely different opponent in an interview: “He is too tall, just like an NBA player.” Of course The patriot has another choice, they can choose Brandon Brandon Browner to guard against Johnson, arrange Reweiz to be more flexible to Gorden Tate (Golden Tate) .

WR & amp; te & mdash; & mdash; the performance of the ball is not running so much. The most eye-catching exterior takes over Geronimo allison, 3 games 27 yards, but it is not very good for the protection and re-advancement of the ball. There is also a more active external hand Trevor Davis, there is not much opportunity, only one ball is 11 yards. The most exciting passenger offensive requires a near-terminal Aaron Peak with Hill’s 25-yard line TD. In general, there is no conventional means of attacking groups without Long Ge, it is really not easy to pass four-point guard.

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