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Thomas: There are a lot to say but can’t sayAfter the game of Seattle Hawks, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas have quarrel. The two have problems in the process of staring in Greg Olsen, and the second line that has been proud will also make the sea eagle to swallow the fourth field.

Dolphins unintentional to Eddam hole – Soviet use team labelFrom the team reported from the previous Dolphin, we can see the NDAM Kong-Suh as the STEPHEN ROSS, but the cause of the dolphins will not only at this point.

Baldwin told KJR’s reporter, he thought he was able to play the game on Sunday, “I don’t think my injury is very serious, I think my check is correct, this injury has a serious possibility, At least in my feelings, I feel that there is no problem for long-term competitions just in the short term. “

Saints coach believes that there is a mighty MVP.Regular game MVP often spends on the quarter. However, if other locations have achieved excellent performance of historical levels, then they are also probably award.

The performance of the Hawks in Section IV is the reason why the team eventually encounters reversal. Thomas said: “I have a lot to say, but I can’t say. This is a wonderful game, but in the end this defense is very ugly.”

The new Orleans saints, Michael Thomas, is likely to accomplish the historical level of achievements. According to his current performance, he will be able to create a record number of single-season. And Wholesale jerseys if this achievement is completed, he will create a record of the first hand from getting a regular game MVP.

Thomas wants to have the opportunity to get MVP, then the saints must first become the best team for the National Association, and it seems that this is very likely. Then Thomas must maintain the same high level of ball per game. He may also do this.

“I really think this is a young team that is rising,” he said last week. “You know, I will say no blushing, I want to take a 3-year champion. How much is this? Hey, even if you only take 1 champion, it is rare.”

This is not the first one of the first three consecutive years in Er. It is his ultimate goal. In February this year, he has said that the best standard in history should be 3 consecutive championships in a consecutive year; & mdash; this may be his response to the New England Patriot Dynasty. There is no team to win the championship for 3 consecutive years.

Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: “We made a mistake in tactics signal the players confused, very unfortunate opponents to complete a simple touchdown players do not get the same signal, so it was done. Has happened. “Thomas confirmed Carol’s statement, he said:” The defensive group we are in this tactics, but the other half is playing another. When we don’t communicate, things will happen. I think Sherr Man is close to the side line, he got the correct instruction, but this did not convey to everyone. “

Dolphins’ wage hats space is not optimistic. Su Yong’s $ 169.85 million in 2018 will become a full guarantee for 3.18. If the dolphins chooses Su and his remaining three years of $ 54.375 million contracts, you can make a $ 3.9 million wage space. Or after 6.1, it is postponed that $ 17.1 million is delayed to the 2019 season, letting the space occupied by the salary capsule space for 2018 to $ 5.1 million.

“First of all, you have to win the ball,” Pelton recently said. “Here is what we know” & mdash; & mdash; you have to win in a winning team. Generally, you have to succeed, he contributed huge for our results. Then you have a beautiful manifestation, and he press The current rhythm can be beautiful than the other’s external hands. Finally, the super bowl champion team has an exterior take over to become a super bowl MVP, so there is no reason such a thing will not happen in the regular season. “

At this time, Brown recovered the morale, Mefield and External Through Jiavis-Randri completed 27 yards, with team to advance 4 codes in the first 4 yards of the Ram end zone. When the three-speed score, the Chinese rookie guy lap made up the mistakes that I didn’t want to be in the past and unnecessary fouls, destroy the ball, Brown had to choose the four gears, good luck, no standing in Brown, the ram defensive front line huge The punching pressure makes Mefield run out pocket, rushed to the John Johnson flying. The final ram defensive group took the pressure, held victory, and defeated Brown 20-13.

Pedton refers to New England Patriots Julian – Julian EDELMAN becomes MVP in the 53rd superbit. Of course, it is much more difficult to become MVP in a whole season, because if the performance of the outer hand is excellent to enter the MVP discussion, it is usually the same.

Pony is creating a young and continuous progressive team. General Manager Chris Ballard is not a big foot to spend money to introduce players and have proven that they can get a beautiful player. The coach Frank Reich has excellent in offensive command and has won trust in the first year of the coaching team. Andrew Luck has been thrown into the brain after the injury, he can bring different teams to the team in the playoffs.

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