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McCadon said in an interview on Wednesday: “I have made some running exercises in the field these days, I feel good, there is no soreness or other discomfort. In the practice process, there is only straight running and change, I feel Very good. I have to ensure that there will be no problems under running in a row, they will make me formal training. “

The giant offensive front line is injured and hurtingBeijing June 16th, due to the mini training camp, it is forbidden to collide, and it is difficult to see the quality of the offensive front line.

McLeah injuries have recovered well, and they are expected to return on Saturday.Dallas Deni Run Daren – McFadden, Dalren McFadden, because the calf strain has not yet been in the team training camp, but McCad’s recent recovery is good, and it is expected to be officially involved in the team training this weekend. McFadon conducted a slow running and warm-up exercise on Wednesday, and he would check on his calves on Thursday, and the result is satisfactory. He is expected to return to the training ground this Saturday.

Titan outside takes over the hometown torn season reimbursementTennessee Titan team announced that Justin Hunter has been put in the quarter of the injury reserves reimbursed in season. According to Wholesale Nfl jerseys‘s well-known reporter Ian Rapoport, Hunter has encountered spleen to tear, but does not need surgery.

The chief year or give Houston’s stickers next year.9 games 12 recorded & mdash; & mdash; Kansas Emirates Justin Houston is being sprinting towards NFL single seasons. The form of the Emirates is still unclear with his long-term big contract. The current negotiations are still in a deadlock. For the Emirates, it is very likely that Houston is attached to the privilege tag again in the 2015 season.

The Emirates will have a long-term contract, let him become a free player or continue to increase by 20% salaries with a privileged label to leave his sixth season. If you continue using the privilege label after the 16th season, it will increase 44% salaries.

With the devil’s body, the speed has been jumping, and Hunt is one of the potential players who have exploded in this season before the start of the season. Unfortunately, the second consecutive year, this 2013 two-wheeled show did not satisfy, the ball often appeared, simply, he has become one of the universal efficiency.

McCaden continued: “It can only be used to see teammates to train themselves. It is really uncomfortable. Especially cowgirl is still my new east, I just want to train and fight together with my teammates, but I can only be in Next to watch, patience is waiting for the day of injury. “

With more and more NFL contracts exposed annually, some teams choose to sign contracts once a year to minimize the risk of injury. In terms of offensive players, Dallas denim may also take similar ways to Tiez-Bryant (DEZ BRYANT). Houston in defensive players may become typical cases. This is likely to be the only way to give their core players closest to the market value.

According to media reports, the left body of Justin-Peer is encountered by the back “sprained”, left truncated Erek Flals (ERECK FLOWERS) and the replacement striker DJ Fluk (DJ Fluker) The injury leaves the training.

Once the Emirates is again posted on the privilege label, it seems that Houston will continue to renew. In 2014, as a privileged label, his annual salary was 11.455 million US dollars (and before Houston argued that he is actually a defensive end, the annual salary of the privileged label should be $ 13.1 million).

Arreon said: “When you try to attack the opponent player, you’d better guarantee that you can say it. You must make all the preparations before speaking, through action to support your own remarks. Now, Peterson Attack Jones, but let him complete 10 times. “

After losing the four-point Baikanson-Palmer (Cason Palmer), the red tones have lost 2 games. In order to continue to maintain the leading advantage of the Kingdom, the rickets have not been lost in this game. Especially the second time with the Seattle Hawks, the results will largely determine the final ranking.

Palch coach talk Tobeson: support your remarks with your actionArizona Red Star Curled Bruce – Arians did not mind that their players were appropriately published in front of the other players. What he cares is just whether the player’s performance can be assigned to their previous remarks. This week, the team star angle guard Patrick Ptrick Peterson attacked the Atlantian Funding Eagle, Julio Jones. But in the end, Jones outstanding performance by 10 times the ball 189 yards to help the team win the game 29-18, but also hit back with action Peterson attacks.

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