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Newton ranks the first place in 40 times a 40-year-old (33 passes. He became the only player who started career in the history of more than 500 yards in the history of more than 3,000 codes in the history of more than 3,000 symbols.

According to the scoring system of PFF (Pro Football Focus), Forton’s comprehensive score is ranked 15 in all defensive cuts of the Alliance. This season, the cowboy offensive group fiercely in Tony Romo, but the defensive performance has always worrying. If Meerton confirms the absence, it is undoubtedly a snow that is unspeakable for the team. Cowboys need to think about the method as soon as possible.

Katler has always been the center of all disputes in Chicago Bear in 2014. His bad performance has been criticized throughout the season, and his failure exchange ball number ranks first. Last week, the disputes reached a white thermal condition, and NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the name of the beach “feels regret” for him. The team offensive coordinator Aaron KROMER admitted that he was one of the news sources of this criticized Catering report.

Although many people do not need to attack Newton’s Dalong celebrations and promote his selfish image, whenever you mention MVP competition, Newton’s meaning is always one: The most important thing is the team. “Need people to work together to complete the attack and let me feel comfortable in the four-dimensional protection network. Everyone is done,” Newton said. “The offensive group is the ultimate team movement. You need 11 players to do their job.”

Briser is 40 years old, has been fighting for 18 years in the Alliance. This season, his passer rating 115.7, the career is high, the pass rate is 74.4%, almost unbelievable. He has played 15 regular seasons, and he passed the 3992 yards, reached 32 times, was copied 5 times, and also tween 22 yards, more than 4 times.

According to Lynch’s broker, Doug-Hendrickson’s news, this matter is purely. “Those news about Lin Quan got off and didn’t want to board the team bus.” He said in the tweet; “Please report some accurate news instead of these fake news.”

In the past 6 games, Newton passed 19 times, only 1 passed passed. In his past eight games, he passed the 265.9 yards in his field, and the coastal ratio was 24-3, and the quarterfire ratio reached 113.3 plus 3 shocks. This week he got the fourth Zhou Best Player Award.

According to a lover, the cowboy will arrange Forton to accept the nuclear magnetic resonance test as soon as possible, and the team still hopes that this defense will be able to participate in this week. At the age of 28, Meilton, who was brought to cowboy, and became a branger player of denim defensive group. Since the season, he completed a total of 5 kills, ranking 2nd team.

Now, Haiying’s head of Pete Carroll may not make his players and media no longer think about these problems. The Sea Eagle also faces the 5th partition civil war, and 60% may enter the playoffs according to the analysis of football outsiders, according to the analysis of Football Outsiders. He will hope that such data will continue to rise in the next few weeks.

Cowboy defensive cutoff fear of leg injury absenceThis weekend card is to start, but Dallas denim is a bad news on Monday on Monday: The team defensive hanry melton or will absence the game with the Detroit lion. According to NFL official website reporters, the Mayerton legs are injured. At present, the specific injury is still unclear, but it is very likely that he will end this season in advance.

The old four-shot admitted that he was told on Wednesday, and MARC TRESTMAN decided to use Krane’s own “did not treat this decision”. However, at the press conference on Thursday, the emotionally stable Cartler also said that if he and the two people who have returned to the team next season, Wholesale Jerseys he believes that he can still cooperate with this head coach, Cartier believes that Cui Striation is a “a good four-point guard.”

Although the bench may indicate that he is the end of Chicago’s career, Carter said that he didn’t want to play for other teams. “I want to stay here,” Carter said. “I really like it. I like the partners in the locker room. This is the place I want to stay.” The 31-year-old four-point guard in Chicago’s career has entered the sixth year, he is in this year Sign a $ 77 million contract with a $ 54 million guarantee income.

The broker denied Linqi after the Harva trading, and the sea eagle is notAt the Seattle Hawk, the Seattle Harvin traded in Harvin, there is no lack of gossip news. One of them reported that the sea eagle ran to Ma Shaen, Lynch, rejected after the transaction. The upper team bus.

Now, it is difficult to know that the message related to the Hawk is true. Michael Robinson, Michael Robinson, confirmed that there was a fight event between Harva and the front team Frienden Tit (He he refused to say something. Lynch may choose the border team in the fight? Maybe he may be close to Harva?

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