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Bellchik’s New Year Gift: Cancel the last trainingOriginal New Year’s new England patriots did not have a vacation, but Bill Belichick seems to feel that his team members are good, so he puts a fake day.

The boss of alliances vetoed the proposed plan of the wild horse. In the new solution, the team in the chasing phase can maintain the ball after scoring. In detail, the team only has one chance in each game, and can only start 4 files from this 35 yard from the fourth quarter to instead of gambling kick.

Kansas City Emirates Signing Corner Weight Barrow – BridideBeijing March 19 hearing, according to informed sources , the former Green Bay Packers cornerback Bashao De – Bristol Rand (Bashaud Breeland) 1 -year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs .

Ma Shaen – Linqi wearing Camm – Qusler jersey trainingDue to contract issues, Kam Chancellor fails to participate in the training before the Seattle Hawks. However, in the training camp of US Time Thursday, his teammate Ma Shaench is wearing his training suit.

According to statistics, from 1992 to 2017, 21.2% of gambling kicks were finally taken back to the ball. However, after changing the rules last year, there were only 4 success in 52 gambling kicked (7.7% success rate).

The players have expressed their opinions, Tim Wright said: “We just came to the coupling to listen to the coach’s arrangement. The holiday is really good, especially this is a New Year, we can spend it in the room. “

2 years ago, Qusler and Haiye completed the contract, including $ 17 million, since then he maintained the top strength of the player alliance. Since his contract reasons did not guarantee gold, his basic income will be $ 4.5.5 million in the 2015 season, $ 5.1 million in the 2016 season and $ 6.8 million in the 2017 season.

The United States of America extraordinaries: steel people @ 虎 (Team injury)The strong outbreak of the tiger this season has a certain relationship with the team staff. As of the end of the regular season, there are only 3 people in the injury reserve, and these three contributions to the team are only just in the special group. However, in the late regular season, the continuous injuries in the team also affected the record of the Tigers to the Tigers. First, the main proximity Feng Thaler-Eiffel was lacking from the back injury and the brain shock, due to Eiffelt It is an important part of the Tiger offensive end of this season. His absence has largely affected the offense arrangement of the tiger. Fortunately, in the last round of regular season, he timely, but because of its good partner Dalton will continue to absence the competition, his state will be greatly reduced. The Tiger was originally a dream of the United States. However, all this was wounded at the 14th Zhou Dalton injury. Dalton has missed the three games of the regular season due to the right thumb fracture, although McCarlen’s tiger is played well, but the lack of Dalton’s tiger is also a disease, just There is no illness in the cream. If Dalton does not recover in time, the tiger that has lost to the steel person at home will be defeated again.

“I discussed with different people,” Manning said. “But I have never been invited by formal contracts, there is no written invitation. I really have a football, I think they may be in attracting my interest, I asked what the direction of their future is.”

In 2014, the fourth round of the draft was held in the Washington Red Leather for the Packaging War for 7 games (5 starts), obtained 2 copies, one of them returned. He got an 8th copy at a total of 60 games (first five7 games).

The steel man in this season can be described as a housing leak and a night rain. At the beginning of the season, the main playing the ball Chou En-Sarkam’s reimbursement disrupted the entire plan of the steel man’s special group, and later changed two players, the steel man’s arbitrary ball shot and additional shot Stable. And this is just the beginning of this season’s steel person’s injury frenzy & hellip; & hellip; main running Weidian – Bell due to knee injury again reimbursement, offensive front line general Marcus – Ponxi, Kelvin – Beam, Mike Adam successfully reimbursed season, and the sharp line of the steel man who once had a storm was beaten cheap nfl Jerseys from china the front line. In the four-point guard, this-Rotarisberg has continuously lacking four games in the season because the knee injury is lacking, and the four-point bathroom is also injured in these four games. Steel people have to Enable the third fourth part of Tolan Delhi – Jones. Although “Big Ben” finally returned, he was injured once again in the ninth week of the raid competition. In the next week’s game, Jones also spurt the ankle, “big book” has to take injuries again, this time he insisted on the end of the season. The last “Big Ben” took the injury to the battle season, the outer card is in the 2011 season, when the wild horse led by TeBow, this time, the fate of the steel person is again injured, how is the fate of the steel person?

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