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“There is no time at this time, you know what I mean & hellip; & hellip; last season’s results make us very disappointed, 9-7 record is very embarrassed, I will always think about” If you can win two games & hellip; & hellip; & rsquo ;. This worries will disturb your mood, but at the same time, cheap jerseys from china you will also let you take the courage to continue to face the challenge. “

Linqi spit is not full of teammates being fined by the alliance

Everything seems to be MARSHAWN LYNCH, which seems to be not careful about it is impatient, but our running guards responded to the team of another fined person.

Today’s main midline Wei Patrick Willis has been reimbursed in season, and Berlan will continue to get a lot of opportunities in this season. As for its position in the team next year, I am afraid I have to depends on another star line to Qivo Bowman. The performance of Navorro Bowman.

So just the timing is appropriate, the transaction is entirely possible. But more likely to end the same as Sherman, in the sea eagle. Although several players think that the team will rebuild the defensive group in the snap-in period, it is necessary to consider more than a player who harvested 8.5 killings and 40-time race last season.

If Doglas is willing to leave the eagle’s comfort, he will be the primary choice of the jet. Douglas and Gez relationship have worked in the bear team. Douglas worked for 16 years in the Crow Personnel Department (2000-2015), in 2015, in the bear team, the next year was digging angles.

Berlant received the Top Ten Defensive Players in the University of Wisconsin in 2013 and created a new record of the total number of career manufacturing, but because he was less than 6 feet and 40 yards sprint 4.83 seconds this unhappy speed. In this year, it only ranked only to the third round. But it is obvious that the awareness and speed of the real game Zhongbai Lantard is much better than people. But if you want to say a shortcomings, that is, his person is staring at the defensive ability.

The jet has been submitted to the general manager interview application

Beijing May 25th, US Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, the jet has officially issued a discounted request for the general manager. Applicants include the Vice President of the Eagle Player Personnel Department, Joe Douglas and the Assistant Director of the Personnel Department of the Bear Players – Kelly.

Inner line Wei Brande became a 49th team of new stars

Chris Borland, was a 3-round show of the San Francisco 49 people this year. He has completed 47 hugs in the last 3 games, and in the last week, the New York giant is in the competition. Landard has two turn-up, and has become the first midway guard in a 49th person in 1995. Although only the nearest four games, Berlantard’s Zhongwei’s comprehensive ranking in the Pro Football website has been high in season 2, and he even hopes to compete for the best defensive player.

Schneider responded when he was asked, Schneider responded: “We are only continued to talk to people. Some questions faced now & hellip; & hellip; I try to say some & hellip; & hellip; but this is the success of our success I won’t let any opportunities. “

According to NFL media people, Linqi was punished by the alliance by $ 20,000, because after completing the 24-yard sports ball reachable, he adopted a celebration actions, but he seems to take a hand from the teammates Kareth Matsu. Chris Matthews is more disgusted.

Schneider said that he did not intend to use the privilege label for the defensive cuthardson, Safety Wei Homas, who expressed the continuation problem when the professional bowl was interviewed. money. The health problems of CLIFF Avril and Kam Chancellor are still out of date.

Haiying general manager may change the open attitude towards the big list

One year ago, the Haiying player involved in the trading rumors vortex center was Richard Sherman. This year, it is about to leave, and it is Michael Bennett.

Matthew was punished because he made a movement of imitation when he came to reach the array of Archways. To know that Lin Qi was fined $ 11,000 as early as December. Since Thursday, Linqi sent a Textunction Alliance: “My teammates applauded me, but I was fined, I felt that this kind of organized work pressure is very large.”

But our running guard seems to be true, so someone came out to correct him, “The reason why Matthews was fined is because he caught his own crotch and the ball is after Lin Qida, Womavis official blog so It is not that he is applauding Mr. Linqi. “

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