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Haiying Center Marx – Angers FourBearing this week, Seattle Hawksman Pacted Pete Carroll This hopes that the first center Marx-Angr can debut on the weekend, but this wish will be empty. “Marx participated in some training on Friday. He will be included in the list of doubts. I believe that he will come back soon.”

Ang’s injury has been lacking in 3 games in the injury of the knee and ankle, and another key character with injury, the recovery of the Cooper Helfet is much more, card Rar said that Haifette performance is good in training, and if necessary, he will send him on the game.

Zhang Nan, vice president of Tianxing, said in an interview: “American rugby is a sports that I am happy abroad, NFL’s super bowl is even known as the American Spring Festival Evening. Football is more about the body’s most basic exercise ability. Reflected. Through rugby training, not only improve your child’s physical quality, but more importantly, strengthen the psychological quality of children, not fear in the face of difficulties, keep focused. Rugby training is just a chance to release your own opportunity for character. To establish a solid foundation for establishing health and correct life. “

Obviously, today’s Haiying team wants to defeat the morale, the San Francisco 49 people should not be large, but Carol is firmly believed that the team will not fall lightly. “They are an outstanding team, they know how to get victory, and if anything on the court may happen, we keep this in the training, and it is absolutely to face serious attitudes. “

Washington DC team and the list of eye showThe strongest defensive new star in this year’s draft is also officially signed with the team. Looks Young, published a photo of his contract on the contract. The contract is four years, including the fifth year of team options.

Wei Qiwen, Director of Foshan Sports Bureau, Li Xiaka, member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Director of the Nanhai District Cultural Sports Bureau, Foshan City, Liang Huiyang, famous sports commentator Yu Jia, NFL China official Xiao Lin, Wang Zhizheng, the professor of Shanghai Physical Education, Textun, Tianxing Peng Dong, Vice President, Chairman, Chairman, Zhang Nan, and other guests were invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the stadium. The event was held in the event, and a series of training camp experience activities and a full equipment rugby game were also conducted.

Summary: Crow and Line Wi Jack – Len Signing for a yearAfter the Green Bay packaging worked for three years, Line Wi Jack Ryan was played in two games last year. After the injury season reimbursement.

Bill Main Runweira Sha En – Lesean McCoy is already the highest ran salary guard. Is the Bill will spend $ 4 million in the substitute position? According to Boston Media, Bill is unlikely to match the contract.

In order to deal with the wage scenarios that may be signed, the patriot has let the old will take the exterior of Danny Amendola agreed to pay salary. His salary will only be slightly higher than $ 1.7 million last season.

Yang in the three years of playing in Ohio State University, playing 34 times, a total of 30.5 killing, 98 hugs 40.5 times, causing the loss code. Yang also has many ball probabilistic predictions to have better rushing capabilities than Bosa brothers.

If Bill still chooses no matching quote, the patriot will send a fifth round of draft as compensation. In March, Bill made a contract worth $ 1797,000 in Gillis. Bill has 5 days to decide whether to match the patriotic contract.

The newly built Foshan Tianxing Center is complemented by a standard rugby court, a member center, a hosted center, a cafe and other life service support facilities. It has formed a “sports + life” ecotropic circle, which will be used as a Nanhai financial high-tech zone. New landmarks provide high-end physical education services for Foshan people, especially teenagers. International cultural exchanges represented by American football will be Cheap jerseys From china Foshan, radiate to the Pearl River Delta and even the country.

When I returned to the court next time, he was already a crow player. According to NFL NetWork reporters, the crow is signing the contract with Ryan, and is currently waiting for the results of the medical examination.

The opening ceremony of the first professional American Football Stadium Tianxing Center and the full upgrade of the rugby market production products marked with the promotion of China ‘s football movement entered a new stage.

1. Falcon officially announced that the restricted free players have signed their own original rounds (five rounds) bidders in BRIAN HILL. As the 2017 Wuden Show, Hill has played 12 games last season, and two of them were first, and the squash pushed 323 yards, reached 2 times.

China’s first professional American football court completed the opening to build a new landmarkOn March 27, 2016, the first professional American football court Foshan Tianxing Center was officially completed in the Foshan Nanhai Financial High-tech Zone.

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