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Rudolph’s whole career is valid for Viking. As a two-year show in Viking in 2011, Rudolph contributed stable, only 2 years in 10 seasons fails to play at least 12 games. He carefully completed 453 games, advanced 4488 yards, reached 48 times.

Illi gave the team first set up a small goal: “I hope the team will get the home advantage and the first round of the first round of the playoffs. When the ticket is only the beam of the beam of the super bowl, there are always a master. In order to achieve This goal, we may need to win at least 12 games, which is really difficult. “

This is also another hard work of Seattle in order to build a team around Russell Wilson. Before the sea eagle introduced the left …, Gabe Jackson, near-ended Everett, retracted to run to Kris Carson (Chris Carson), Wilson leaders attacked more heart.

Of course, everyone’s goals are happy life. Although Manzel’s player career is not successful, he heard that he said that he felt that he didn’t play, and he was still a little surprised than the day when playing a salary.

“People can evaluate me casually,” he said. “But in the end, I am proud of my performance. I am proud of my achievements. I have made myself better. I have made my family’s life better. I have a chance to play beautiful in the university. Performance, in NFL performance, but this does not matter. “

Jackson completed 36 passes to the game last season, and the ball was pushed into 1206 yards, set the NFL quadruption record. He is also the second full-ticket for the second full-ticket for the second full-ticket for the first ticket. The youngest quarterfield in winners.

Lockete’s contract with the Hawks in 2018 will enter the last year, accounting for 14.9 million US dollars. Considering the other when the home is taken, D. K. Metcalf will also be renewed in the next year, and the Hawks have indeed investing in the external group.

Chang Chuan has always been the weak link of Jackson. In the passing of more than 15 yards, Jackson passed the number of passes ranked 27th (35 times), and the transfer rate ranked 22 (43.8%). During the playoffs of Titan, Jackson’s 15 yards above 17 passed 6 times.

“In that time I was selected in the election, I didn’t put enough time to make me an excellent player. I think my mind is not playing,” Manze said. “I think it is still like this after I returned to Canada. I really believe that I want to play, but my mind is not above, and finally it should be the result.”

The front first round show four-point guard last time, the effectiveness of a professional team was quickly adding AAF last year, but AAF declared bankruptcy during the season. Nowadays, Manzell’s main sports activities are golf.

The US time is reported on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Hawks will renew the Tyler Lockett for 4 years. The contract salary is 69.2 million US dollars, of which $ 37 million is guaranteed.

“The actual point says that in the team I have managed, the pony is also the best, with PEYTON MANNING, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, etc. It is not inferior to the time. (Now) The players are very special. “

Manzell may be more concerned about the performance of the midrange news in the playerhood. Obviously he did not prepare in the first first first, and Cleveland was defeated by 30-0 by Cincinnati, and Brown collapsed in the 2014 season.

In the 2020 season, Rudolph only completed 28 battles, promoted 334 yards, reached once. When we were cut off by Viking, Lu Dolph said that self-feeling “still has the ability to continue to play a good ball.”

“It’s really exciting. Andrew welcomes the best age, there is no obvious weakness on the big list, and only the performance of their return is good. We can perceive confidence in the air & hellip; & hellip; but also prove that this is not arrogant.”

Crow coach: Jackson still needs to enhance the long history skillsAfter the MVP level season, how should the crow 4 points to Malmar – Lamar Jackson? John Harbaugh believes that there is not necessarily to pass more balls, but the long history capacity must improve.

Giants and near-end Fengkell Rudolph Signed for 2 years US time on Thursday, according to wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, the giants will sign with the old Near Duan Kyle Rudolph, and the contract salary is about 14 million US dollars.

After the start of the game, the two sides did not have much test, which quickly killed the same district old opponent. In the middle section of the first section, Newton guided a wonderful advancement, but the kicker No 25 yards rejoiced, the black panther lost the opportunity to win the public. It is inevitable that you have a chance to be punished! In the next wave of attack, the saints were quited to Brisced Telf-Gold, completed 80 codes! 0: 7. After the Saint, after the opening of the opening of the opening, Gano did not waste the opportunity. He 27 yards were arbitrarily shot, and the score was 3:10. Followed by Bris, Briscation once again, and he went out of the bullets, with the passing of the black leopard’s defense. In the end, he found the close-end Feng Hill completed the reachable. 3:14, the saints continue to expand the leading advantage. The black panther then uses any ball tap nibble, 6: 14. Before the end of the half, the Saint was completed again. And Gano also revealed his exquisite free kick skills, and a record of 58 yards in shooting. At the end of the half, the Black Panther 9:21 Saint.

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