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Previously, Brown got the front of Yesterday, French, Taylor, before the Taylor, before Jarvis Landry and the former Green Bay Packaging Corner Wenda Marris – Landall (Damarious Randall). All transactions will be officially entitled after the beginning of the new league year on March 14.

“I hope to be excited,” Gordon said, “his data is too amazing. I am working with Akler last season. He is a phenomenon-level player. I think Lin Sai is also an excellent, phenomenon level Run Guard. He entered a career bowl, the new show will be a thousand code. We will be a good combination of punch. I am very happy to work with him. “

After the outstanding 2016 season, Shelton did not play much role in the last season. In 14 games, he got 33 hugs. In the past three seasons, he only took 1.5 times and will enter the last year of the rookie contract. After Shelton left the team, Brown has lost all 7 first round show in 2012 to 2015.

“Victor is one of the greatest stories of the National Football League.” Jerry Reese, General Manager Jerry Reese, said in a statement. “He came to the team, relying on the performance to win everything you currently have. Looking at him cheap jerseys from china the decision of a rookie growth for professional bowls, and we are amazing in the number 46th of the 46th Super Bowl. He Will have been in mind as one of the greatest giant players. “

At present, the cowboy has suffered a 7-game defeat, and the hope of 2 wins and 7 losses. The hopes in the playoffs are very embarrassing. But the team still believes that with the return of Romo, the team has the ability to move forward.

The giant has recently ended an era of history. Cruz entered people’s attention due to the 2010 pre-match performance of the New York jet competition. This player from New Jersey has become a local darling. In the first complete season in 2011, he completed the 82-time ball to get a 1536 yard 9 times, including 99 code in Christmas night against the jet game, helping the giants second time in 4 years. Win the super bowl of champion.

According to NFL Media reporters, the jet is estimating the trading value of Matte-Ford, Ford completed the first show in the season on Saturday, and won the ball 10 times. This summer Hutter was troubled by the tendon injury, but he proved that he recovered.

Cruz completed 4 batches in the super bowl to achieve 25 yards and 1 time, and in the National Union Championships in the National Union championship in the National Union in San Francisco to achieve 142 yards.

The 30-year-old Cruz has encountered a hurt and calf injury in the 2014 season and the 2015 season. After missing 28 games, he unexpectedly returned to the venue. Usually these injuries are equal to the death penalty of Cruz, but he still contributes to the team last season, complete 39 battles to get 586 yards 1 time.

Galert said: “We will pay attention to him every day. He will conduct routine training this week.” This means that Romo will take a rest before the injury, and participate in training on Thursday and Friday. Cowboys need to activate Romo from the injury reserve list before the local time.

Romo will start in the next game After 7 games absent due to the lane injury, Dallas Cowbi 4-dimensional Tony Romo will eventually come out. According to NFL official website reporters, Romo will start in the next game, and the opponent is Miami dolphin. Despite the injury, the main coach Jason Garrett remains cautious.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Brown agreed to defensive Danny-Shelton (Danny Shelton) and the fifth round of this year’s selection to New England Patriots In exchange for the third round of draft selection in 2019.

The first round of the first round of the 2015 elected first round, the selected man is not playing the desired performance. In the university era, he is one of the best defense front players in the country. In October last October, Brown has been interested in trading him, and Denver’s wild horse is also intended to him, but there is no transaction to achieve. Now, Shelton will help strengthen the patriotic defensive front line.

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