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The second line of the sea eagle is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. The previous Richard Sherman said that he is considering whether it is subject to cure the injured elbow ligament, and another safe Wei Kumam – Kam Chancellor, is also possible to choose surgery because of the lane-side sublarm tear. 3 people’s injury is more serious than expected, and the recovery time required is difficult to give an answer at this stage. The Hawks need to do the worst plan.

With Donald Brown, the Branden Oliver and Ronnie Brown are also qualified in this position, and the team no longer needs more Run guard, therefore chooses to retreat to Delo. In addition, Matthew will return to the stadium in the last 2 weeks. It has gradually been eased in the past 2 weeks.

This Ohio-powered young coach also said that he did not have contact with the Cleveland Brown team. McDanier will work at least a season in the patriot. After the next season, it is the two years after he gives up the Pony coach, it may add other teams to him. Or he can choose to wait for Bill Belichick to take over the patriot.

Lightning adjustment runs, expecting the main returnThis week, San Diego lightning announced Shaun Draughn, and promoted Safety Aderian-Phillips (Adrian Phillips) promoted from the training lineup into a big list. Demracor is 26 years old and signed with the team at the end of September. Due to the original first-race, Ryan Matthews and Danny Woodhead were injured, Lawn got opportunities. He hit a ball in 4 games and harvested 19 yards. He also served as a work of the ball and won the 58 yards.

Shelman has publicly expressed that it is willing to return to 49 people or Hawks. He has been effective in the former in the past three years, and the latter is his place to play a reputation and rank in the top corner.

“The patriot is very good to me. I really want to play competition, so the situation is actually very depressed. Although the action is limited, I still have to recover, adjust the mentality. I am also part of the team, watch video with them, weekly Let’s meet together. I am still a captain. I have participated in all examples. I also got more opportunities to get along with my wife & hellip; & hellip; last year is really unusual, now I am ready. “

Earl Thomas will receive surgery for 6 to 8 monthsSeattle Sea Eagle Safety Yal-Thomas still took out the top defensive performance in the superbit, but his injuries still affected his play to a certain extent. According to cheap nfl jerseys official website reporters, Thomas’s injuries have aggravated with the deepening of the competition. It was originally torn to the shoulder ligament and muscle after the game.

Relevant persons revealed that Thomas will receive surgery in recent days. Surgery will lead to him for 6 to 8 months. If he will recover well, he will be expected to catch up with the opening of the season. If the recovery time is longer than expected, he will be able to absent some of the first season of the next season.

Andrews recalls: “The experts told me the existence of the thrombosis, I don’t know what this means. I told the doctor that I need to go home to go home. At that time, I really realized the seriousness of things. They didn’t let me Leaving, I lived in the hospital for five nights. I am the first thing to find someone to help me go to the dog, then call my wife, try to explain the status quo against her. I found a college teammate Clint-Bole (CLINT BOLING), he also had a similar case, so I found a doctor. He introduced a doctor. He is really good for me. I don’t know the danger at all. “

Andrew said: “I have had chest pain and breathing difficulties before, even coughing blood in the training camp. I didn’t think even if I was aware, I was forced to be my fault. I thought I was just a little sick, but I feel unlike myself. Not the entire training camp has been low, just when it is good. “

McDaniel is asked if the reporter was asked if he would continue to interview other coach positions: “This matter has passed, it is always a chance to interview with any team. People feel the humble experience. “

The offensive lineup also has a huge change, and Norv Turner has become a new offensive coordinator, three outer hands and running guards C. J. Anderson (C. J. Anderson) further reinforce the offensive group. On the other hand, the proximal greg Olsen, running to Kristian – McArristian mccaffrey, the performance of Cam Newton et al. Is also worth looking forward to . However, Turner also has some new look forward to Newton.

Richard Sherman said it is still waiting for the right opportunity After becoming free, Richard Sherman didn’t get a satisfactory contract. He has chosen another road: waiting to join the opportunity to compete with the team.

Phillips was 22 years old, and he had brought the new Xiu’s identity to Houston Texas, and he added a lightning. Phillips is 5 feet 11-inch, with a weight of 210 pounds, which can serve as a south, and can also appear in Qiangwei. The team also means that the first safe and air-Ade (Jahleel AddAe) failed to detect brain volatile and could not be played this week.

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