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After the Harrison to the training camp, the lions joined him to the injured list. Due to contract issues, Harrison did not participate in the mini training camp and other snap season training programs. The lion is estimated to let him go back to the right track and try to play the first week of the regular season.

Looking back, all this seems to happen yesterday. Creating the original 100 fans cheap jerseys from china our Weibo, breaking through millions of fans today, this way is too unforgettable, but the most important thing is that you have every fan of fans!

NFL Vice President: Punching for Frales’s second foul is misjudge

After the end of the Green Bay Packaging Workers 23-22, the Detroit Lion was over assessed that the night was over assessed in less than 24 hours, in Florida, in the Florida Autumn Festival, there was a contest to the lion defensive end Tere – Flals ( Trey Flowers) Two illegal hand movements have been punished.

Pirate defensive end Pier Paul neck fracture or absence new season

Beijing May 8th, Tampawan pirate defensive Director, Jason Pierre-Paul, was discovered in a car accident last week. According to inferior people Adam Schefter, this car accident Leading to Pierre Paul’s neck fracture, it may be absent the 2019 season.

Celebrating the Centennial Centennial Package will distribute home grass seeds to fans

Beijing July 16th, Many Green Bay packaging fans have expressed their support for the team through a cheese-shaped headdress. Now they have the opportunity to collect another thing to prove their packaging fans identity.

According to Green Bay local media reports, the package will hold a grand celebration ceremony on August 11th to celebrate the century of the team, including the hooded seeds of the Maibao Stadium in the free distribution.

“Olive” Well, “olive” thank you! NFL rugby microblog fans come to 1 million!

Time flies, from the first microblog from the first microblog, now has been 26,300 microblogs during the last 8 years, and there is a total of 2,6300 Weibo!

After speculating Kaschns, Brown hired Kemin Stefanski, and in Andrew Berry, replaced by Andrew Berry, replaced John Dorsey (John Dorsey) ). In terms of players, Brown signed a proximal Austin Hooper and Jack Conklin, and now they hold the first round of the first round.

wholesale nfl jerseys is responsible for the implementation of the implementation of the competition, Troy Vincent, detailed explanation, saying that two fiasms have been re-audited after the game, and the second foul is misjudgment.

Former lightning players, old defensive dish, Corey Liget, Today. He has been interviewed for giants, American tigers and seaks, but not in a hurry to make a decision.

Pony Exterior Hands Listein Training In the ankle dislocation, fracture, and the medical car departure will be subject to surgery.

The eagle 4-point guard Cathler was injured in the game of the United States and was receiving the brain volatile inspection process.

The American Tiger Run Alfred – Alfred Blue injured.

Falcon defensive defender Damatai – Kaji Kazee rib injured, angular Wiklor-Shefield hurts. Extracoring Russel – Gage Russell Gage hips injured.

The jet right is the broken Brandon Shell.

The crow line is Christ Board, is accepting the brain oscillating examination process.

Red leather line Wei Mai Lee, Heles Humphrey, defensive cut Tim – Tim Settlement Due to the injury and quarantine.

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More bad, 6 times of defending ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 200 Wan Dollar dilemma. Many people guess pirates may not make up for the relationship with the relationship to compensate and try to trader Macquay. But now they may need to continue to leave him.

Brown Last year, I got this name to start a reputation with three fingers, and I have completed the former giant star who completed single-handed ball. However, Baker Ham is poor due to injuries, and he and teammate Jarvis Landry have also played a different level of dispute with the front coach Freddy-Kitchens.

Before the last season was traded to the pirate, Pierre Paul spent a period of ups and downs in the New York. He won 16.5 killing in 2011 and helping the team to win the super bowl. He selected a professional bowl twice and returned to a high level of performance after the right hand finger is caused by the fireworks.

“We accept any questions, any question that we need to clarify. That is late at night,” Vincent said. “I think that most of you have read an official question. Once a foul is obvious, we support the penalty. There is also a foul, when you review, you will look back at the attack and defense, then you want It is necessary to blow a penalty action. Especially the mushroom movement. Once you support the penalty, it is clear that there is some slow motion after the audit is observed. “

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