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After Texas takes back the ball, it is still used in color. The four-point Wei Waterson Long 35-Code Line Team has taken over Deandre Hopkins to complete the ball reachable. Texas people 10-7 ponytails again to lead.

According to the professional football focused network data, the Hawie starts to Run Marshawn Lynch, the sixth day of the cheap nfl jerseys from china running guard last season. The 29-year-old Lynch has reached or more than 280 times for four consecutive seasons. Jackson may replace Linqi on the offense of the pass.

After the team replaces Robert Turbin, in the third episode, he was called “severe” high ankle sprain after Rarol, and signed Jackson became more urgent. According to a number of media reports, Turbin, who has never demonstrated in the Hawks and careers, reached the injury and solution agreement, will give up him.

The second half is prone to fight again, Texas people offensive groups are head iron, strongly hit four gears 3 yards, and the result is failed, and the ball will be handed over. After the Pony offensive group took back the ball, he continued to advance, eventually rushed to Jonathan Williams. Texas people 17-10 pony, beyond scores.

These two runners have had a close relationship since 2007. At the same time, they were at the same time, and Linqi was Bill’s first round show and Jackson had successfully entered the Bill’s previous year. List. However, Pete Carroll said that this is not the reason why Huawen invites Jackson to come. When I was interviewed in the initial interview, he praised Jackson’s ballistic ability and passing cover.

Montgomery revealed to reporters: “We bring Tatt to Cleveland, that is, let him become award. He is the team’s first run Guide. We have lost him now, which will also lose his at the same time. Experience, his leadership. Therefore, we will open your arms, always welcome him return. “

This – Tat returns, the starting position will not shakeCleveland Brown Running Savage In combination of ISAIAHCROWELL and Tailus – Wester (Terrancewest) in the “Xiu Xiu observation” in this week before the median. The combination of the two is full of vitality, and the performance is surprised. However, Brown Run Guarda Wilbert-Montgomery (Wilbertmontgomery) is expected to continue to serve as the team’s first hair.

Dezhou offensive group first mistakenly, four-point guards DESHAUN WATSON, Try to pass to the outside, Will Fuller, but by the pony player Kenny Moore (Kenny Moore) Copy. Pony this opportunity passed to achieve reachable ratios. The four points of Jacobi-Bristet (Jacoby Brissett) scorpion 5 yards, Pony 7-3 Texas people.

Due to Tatt injury, other running responsibilities have also changed. In the training on Wednesday, Klovar represents a team, and West Team. This site is not surprising, Klovo should be prepared and taken up more workload in the game. In the first three games, his performance was better than Wester, completed 3 times, and the code was 5.2 yards. No matter who will get more ball in the future, the deep and strong running guards will become the trouble of Brown happiness. The upcoming rest week is a good opportunity to adjust.

After the start of the game, after the three rounds of arrival, the Texas took the lead in score by Texas. Texas people play the ball card secret – Faernene (IMI Fairbairn) hits 35 yards, Texas 3-0 Pony.

On the Sunday Sunday, Beijing time, on the eve of 9:30 this season, the second game in the London competition was held in Wembley Stadium. 4 wins and 2 losses Los Angeles lightning were designated as home teams at this game, while 3 wins and 3-longned Tennesi Titan started their London trip as a passenger team. In terms of historical record, Lightning is the Lord of Thai, and the 11 times of the past 15 years, Titan only won a final in the 2013 season. The two teams have recently been in the 2016 season, and Titan is not enemy to lightning in San Diego.

Ola was completed seven first seven times for the lions, but they did not enter the 2016 lineup, and then played 6 games in Bill. He has once again turned to the sea eagle, bear, giant and dolphins. The earliest is in the indoor football alliance and the Canadian Rugby League.

Texas people, quartz, Watssen 30 pass 19, 298 yards, 2 times, 1 time being copied; external hand Hopkins 6 times ahead of 94 yards, 2 times. Pony quartz Weak Bryset 25 passed 16, 129 yards, scorpion 20 yards, 1 time Deta; 204 yards, 26 shots, 1 time, 1 time

There is only 49 people who have not yet signed, and they are rushing to the Nick Bosa, Nick Bosa, and the jets, defensive cuts, Kunnan-Williams, and the Black Panther’s show. Defensive end Brian Burns.

This year, Jones is the first quarter-seized quarter-chown-in-chief of Kyler Murray. But many fans and commentators believe that there is no need to use such high signs, and the giant has another first roundabout can be utilized.

The Texas people offensive group was in the top 18 yards in the pony end zone, and once again encountered four-speed 4 yards. This time, they are careful, eventually 36 yards from the player. Texas 13-17 Pony.

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