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Cossone told Espn reporters: “Anthony Harris, this year, Anthony Harris, also used privilege labels, I believe the privileged label can be your friend. I don’t think this is a frustrating thing. It gives you this year, as well as the opportunity to have salary. & Hellip; & hellip; if you are better enough, you will also get the contract you should have. Sometimes these things will not happen so fast, but if you work Enough, it will eventually make a contract. Now it is necessary to follow the class, keep patience. At least I am finally smooth, I don’t want to change things. “

In the interview after the game, Viking, Mike Zimmer, will appreciate the advice, and said that Bridgewater is the person who can take the team in the future: “I think he has already Be prepared to be a leader of the team. He is playing in his own way. His character is like this, doing things that must be doing. Our future core quartzwear is Teddy, I can affirm. “

Rhetorizers, Gas, Gates or Hongki

Last year, the Red Leather Saving Deep Three Samaje Perine, Chris Thompson and Rob Kelley, three people are now in the big list, but one The killing of black horses makes three people seem to be with the first hair.

Viking coach: cheap Jerseys From china Bridgewater is the team leader

This week Mingnesota Weijing defeated New York jet, this victory also made Teddy Bridgewatewater a quarter-saving in this year’s rookie. In the face of strong front lines and frequent raid tactics, Bridgewater completed 84 yards in the overtime game, and won the 5th victory.

In the $ 8 million contract of Liam, the guarantee is close to $ 4 million. After 3 years of Haiying, he was signed with 49 people with free players last year. He participated in 8 games, first of which, then entered the injury reserve by knee injury.

Cork Cousins ​​recommends Prescott’s good use label

Before signing with Viking, Kirk Cousins ​​signed a privileged label contract for two consecutive years. After the Wiki people gave him a $ 84 million full-security contract, and the renewal of $ 66 million in this year.

In this game, Bridgewater’s pass success rate exceeded 70%, 2 times to reach, was copied once, and the 309 yards were taken. In the past two weeks, he had completed 34 times in 48 times, and a 447 yard is accompanied by 4 times. It is only copied twice. The four-point guard passed the score of 119. In the next two weeks, Viking will continue to be paste and Miami, Bridgewater needs to continue to prove themselves.

For Preli, he spent 2 seasons in the four-divided position of Cleveland Brown. He is a newcomer for the red skin. When the snippet is just started, he and the external connector of the Pittsburgh steel Antonio Brown trained together, this opportunity is very precious for him.

Washington Hongki external takeart and Landy-Moss together season training

Washington Red Leather External Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder are currently carried out in one of the top three-level external hands of the league. Moss (Randy Moss) train.

49 people and offensive front line members and Liama continues about two years

Tuesday, San Francisco announced the completion of the contract with the offensive front line members, Garry Gilliam, renewed for two years.

iStock Imagecheap jerseys From china the talents, Gates is really better than the rest of the members. Jay Gruden, Jay Grud, also expressed his expectation of Gais’s ball performance, but Thompson also had a good ball of catching, and he is more likely to be a more ball.

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