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Relevant persons said that after receiving treatment, Briguwater feels that the ankle is very good. Briguate himself also said: “There is still a period of time cheap jerseys from china Thursday, I just want to continue to participate in the game. I didn’t participate in training these days, and the training volume will be improved in the next few days.” If Briguwater cannot On time, Viking will use the original first round of Christian Ponder as the first quarter-off.

Briguwater is absent by an ankle injuryTeddy Bridgewater lacks in the team’s team in the team of Minnesota for two consecutive days, which may be the injury of his ankle in the last week. This week, Viking will have a lot of recovery time to Biggater in the same area of Green Bay in the Tuesday night.

As for the final person, Bauers did not give any reminders, but Josh McCown won a lot. Christian Hackenberg’s performance is not satisfactory last week, nor does it show the tacit cooperation with teammates. Although McCaun has not played last week, he also contributed a gap for the jet in the opening ceremony.

Flals is the strongest hand in the patriots in the past few years, it is worth this price. The original first round of Shi Ziqiger-Ansa has entered the free market, and the lion is needed to supplement the defensive front line. Flals has worked in the patriot and lions, and his speed, strength, work concept and skill diversity are worth looking forward to.

The jet will determine the first quarter from next Monday. The jet will usher in our own third preseason next Saturday (for the giant), which will also be the last time, the last time, the last chance of fighting.

New Just’s Chartered 4 games for patriots, 8 arbitrage shoots were successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully, and 16 additional shot was successfully successfully 15 times. In Sunday winning Brown game, New Just’s four times arbitrary shot attempt failed twice: a 29-yard attempt was caught, and a 34-yard attempt was overwhelmed.

During the season, Murray and the eagle completed a contract for 5 years of $ 40 million, of which 21 million US dollars were a guarantee part, but in the last week, the game time was seriously declined in the game of New England Patriots. Recently, this Rushing King and the team boss discussed their own play time.

The head coach chip Kelly said that the team will sign an running guard on Tuesday, USA. The last game Murray has participated in 14 attacks, and the ball was 8 times. Kelly said: “Health is a problem, so we need more running guards to supplement. The efforts you have paid are also you will get.”

The rookie four-point guard player led the team with 41-28 victory near the Atrian Falcon. However, in the fourth quarter, the ball is injured in the ankle, the nuclear magnetic resonance after the game, the situation may not be so optimistic.

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