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The 49-person defensive group, who is governed by the old Wire, Navorro Bowman, has a comprehensive improvement in the professional spirit during this year. Dumerville has been selected for 5 times, and the last time he won 17 times in Baltimore. He missed the competition for half a season due to the long-term foot injury in the last season.

33-year-old Dumerville has achieved 9 kills in the past two seasons, and he will join the increasingly powerful 49-person pass impact combination. The opponent offensive group is now considering dealing Dumerville, this year’s first round show, Solomon Thomas, 2016 Xiudad Frester-Bakner (DEFOREST BUCKNER) and 2015 First Round Show Alike ARIK ARMSTEAD.

The Eagle Eagle The offensive group appeared 50 files, 20% of the number of files were “explosive round”. Of the 22 times, 7 passed more than 16 yards, 5 of 5 times exceeded 25 yards. Extraction of Jermaine Kearse completed 3 times more than 30 yards, including 63 yards of catching.

Wilson gives a marriage couple to the streets of SeattleNot everyone has a chance to get a blessing of the superb bowl, a pair of Seattle, who is about to enter the marriage hall, who is about to enter the Wilsell Wilson, who is about to step into the Wilsell Wilson. bless.

Wilson conducted a video in the street and this husband and wife, gave them a blessing, and put this video on his own tweel, during which he asked if they were wearing their own 3rd jersey on the wedding. .

In the team, Nolan Carroll said in an interview: “Schwarz coach simplifies the defensive system of the entire team, so we don’t have to charge a lot of brain cells to understand his system. We only need to perform it according to the requirements he give. Schwarz makes everything simple, as our corner, we only need to do a good person to stare, the oppression, we can have a profound Responsible for the security guards of the defense, so we only need to do the extension work on the kicking line. And the big pieces on the defensive line, Schwardz tells them to carry out the rushing, there is no “double hole” The concept of defensive, so our defense concept is very simple, but it is not simple for the offensive group, so this is our homework that we work hard, let our work make a simple simultaneous work It became complicated. “

The new defensive system in the eagle angle guards: completely not chargedThe defensive defense of the Philadelphia eagle can be said to be a mess, and the average fifth place in each unregistered alliance. It is reason to say that the talents of the eagle’s defensive group should not, so most of the responsibilities must be blamed by the former defensive coordinator Billy Davis, and with the former coach – Kelly CHIP KELLY, Davis has also left the team. The current new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has brought a completely different defensive system to the team, and the changes he brought will also make the eagle players very satisfied.

But don’t think that the fans of Philadelphia will do this, the bus of the San Diego flash is thrown on the site of the Auckland raid team in October. The bus of the Saint Saint team in the 2012 season is also throwing eggs in Atlanta Airport.

Hawks is the best team in the alliance.~ “Super Performance” has always been a bright landscape in the NFL game, can the team’s offensive group completed the “super performance”, whether the defensive group can prevent the opponent cheap jerseys from china staged “super performance”, and has been in terms of tangible invisibility affect the results of the game . “Super Performance” said that some are too general, simply saying that more codons are harvested in a single-dimensional attack. Now, we will make a new concept: “explosive round”. When a team is in a single-stage attack, the number of passes exceeds 16 yards, or the number of mushrooms exceeds 12 yards, and we can call it “explosive round.”

In the game of Seattle Hawks and Carolina, the Seattle offensive group gave 10 “explosive round”, while Kam Chancellor completed 90 yards in Section 4 Eutcoming to the array. From this point of view, they should take the victory.

More surprisingly, three defensive defenders responsible for guarding, 2 people are new show. The new Show Cape Wiramal-Jackson, which came from Nebraska University, was easily defeated by the first round of the raid. HeNry Ruggs.

This season, the Haiye field completed 8.4 times of “explosive round”, and the single game was also flattened. In their regular season, 135 “explosive rounds” were completed, and the Indianapolis pony was leading 1 time. On the other hand, the Hawie’s defensive group is the least in the alliance to complete the number of “explosive round”, only 76 regular seasons.

After Williams, did not accept interviews, and when the tactical choice of the former was asked, the Gais said that the goal of the coach is to put pressure on Carl, and then the command of the whole game is very good. But this is difficult to convince. This game jet is only completed by 4 people. In the previous attack in the Ragsda array, Williams used a completely opposite tactics, defended the ball with eight players, only 3 people shocked quarterfield. But in this offense, Karl did not pass the ball to an external arm that has been ever-ended and unmanned and Nelson Agholor.

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