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Chicago Bear Team and the Old Central Continued For about a year

Chicago bear announced on Friday, with the center Roberto Garza for one year. The next season will be the 11th year of this old will be in Chicago. Davigation revealed that negotiations were very smooth: “I feel that we only use a call to get this problem. With my age, my position, we don’t need too much negotiation, everything is very smooth.”

“I guess I’m going to consider things next season,” Woodson told reporters on Wednesday. “I think next year will continue to play it? Uh, I guess I might, I mean, the next season is almost here. It’s not like there is for five years, so this is the present. So yeah, Looking to the next I can next season. I will return it? I am not very sure of that. “

The regular season has been close to the end, and the playoffs compete for a fierce. The Meilai West District played strong, and the attack and defensive all the treasures and the chief will meet on Thursday night this week. The big debut of the United States.

As long as this week, Danfou wild horses and Miami dolphins are lost, and the raids can win, they will lock a season of tickets in advance. Last week, the raid people broke out in the second half, helping them overcome Buffalobier, in the second half of the larger than 15 points, even wrenching 29 points, eventually achieved in 38-24. This season, the raid people four-point Delik Carl presented quite bright in the fourth quarter and the overtime game, won 11 times, only once was copied. The raid guards defensive group leader defensive end Kelle Mark is also a highlight of the slaughter guard group. He is also the only player with at least 10 times and 1 copy of the game this season.

Sea Eagle is expected to recover running training in the near future

The Seattle Hawks ran to Tomas Rawls, in the fourteenth week of regular season, the ankle fracture in the Ballast Crow, and reimbursed season. However, the Hawks and Rawls believe that there is no need for an ankle, and finally decided to take conservative treatment. Although Rawls still can’t run training, he she said that this goal will not take long ago, he wrote on the official twice of the team: “I will start running immediately. “

After retiring Masshawn Lynch, Rawls became the most reliable running guard, and the Hawow won’t worry about Rawls return training in order to safely, the Haiying coach Pitt-Carol ( Pete Carroll has previously said that he is not sure Rawls can participate in the summer training camp on time.

Woodson in this age, needs the ability to play in a lot of moving position very impressive, in particular, and in stark contrast to Manning & mdash; & mdash; many years ago, Woodson beat Manning won the Heisman & mdash ; & mdash; the latter is difficult to maintain a healthy Denver Broncos. After all, this was supposed to be young game.

Veteran security guard Woodson does not rule out continued to campaign next season

When quarterback Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) physical condition and performance seems to decline, security guard Charles – Woodson (Charles Woodson) continued to perform well in the 39 years of age.

Bentet was started with teammates Kyle Fuller in last week’s training by the bear, and the Bente is now completed. As for the amount of fine, the bear team still has not been disclosed. After the release of the backup, Bennet said: “I think I can handle these situations in different ways. People’s life will continue to learn, no matter whether they are good or not good.”

Woodson currently 5 steals tied for the league pass, while he appeared anywhere in the Raiders second-line defense in need. He is not as young as speed so fast & mdash; & mdash; often defeated opponents catcher & mdash; & mdash; but Woodson is still the Raiders second-line defense in the most consistent player.

Rawls played 13 games last season, and the average number of punched codes per shine of 147 times reached 5.6 yards, and the number of players ranked more than 100 times in the Alliance. He had a four-way code in 7 start-up games, and it was also the first one in the history of the Francisco 49 people. The only single game completed the total number of 250 yards. There is also a player who has a squad to reach the ball and the ball. According to the data provided by the professional football focus website, Rawls has reached 3.1 yards after contact, second only to Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) and Di I-Lewis Third League.

Nike Patriots #10 Jimmy Garoppolo Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyThe Kansas chiefs won 7 games in the past eight games, including 29-28 victims last week to victory at the Atlantan Falcon. Safe Eric Belile played extremely dazzling in the last week, in the fourth section, he completed a 2-point additional point-to-convert copy-cut attack to reach (2 points). This is also a winning point that is completed by defensive 2 points in the last time after the history of the Airate is behind. Also in this game, Beiler completed a 37-yard copy of the copy of the copy, he also became the first in the history of NFL to complete the copy of the CTs and defensive 2 points. Players.

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