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If the patriot decides not to perform an option, then McCodi will become a free player, while the team can save $ 4 million salary. After the execution option of the Patriot, McCodi can get $ 500,000 training bonus, with a basic salary of $ 2.65 million, a maximum of $ 800,000, a bonus up to $ 1 million.

Jefferson put a lot of color in the passed ball offensive system of Louisiana State University, completed 111 battles, pushed 1540 yards, reached 18 times, and won the national college champion. Although there is a good physical, speed, and the ability to promote the ability, it is still a small challenge to Dides.

Dolphin running 卫米勒 97 code scallion reached the rank history thirdIf Rex Ryan, Rex Ryan, I can use the 17th week of victory to win the Miami Dougu to save my handsome, the 97-size Miller’s 97-size Miller is directly to Lan Bessing the abyss.

Gatman has accepted 4-wheel chemotherapy, as well as 3 rounds of chemotherapy. But this did not stop him from working in the office this Tuesday to Friday. He also said that he would attend the training of the weekend.

And McCoti’s twin brothers German-McCourty have been working together in patriot 2 years, and the latter is the team leader of the team’s defensive group. The two won the super bowl of championship in the 2018 season. German-McCodi is about to be free players.

Although most of the first steps take over, Hilton has declined in the position of the offensive group over the past two years. In the 2020 season, Hilton took a total of 762 yards to complete 5 times. He only completed 29 batches in the first 10 games, but completed 27 battles in the last six games.

Participate in the 2018 season to make the 45-year-old Venatiye have a chance to break the cheap Nfl jerseys history score record, this record is currently held by the famous Hall of Hall, Morten Andersen (2544 points). Vanatiyerri ranked second at 2487.

Pony and the outer hand T.Y. Hilton signed a year contract US time is reported on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the outer hand T. Y Hilton will sign a year with the pony, salary of 10 million US dollars, including 8 million US dollars.

Cancer treatment has indeed a side effect. Gatman needs to take a battery car to the news release meeting and lose your hair due to chemotherapy. He will ablate the preseason of the early August of the Detroit Lion, but he said he intended finally returned to full time.

Since the announcement in June, this is the first time that Gatman has received the reporter’s interview. He gave a thank you for his feelings that he felt very well after watching the training and expressed his support to each contact him.

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