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This contract now seems to have no benefits for the crow, in order to implement the contract, they need to give up many important players. Three years have passed, now the crow has to avoid restructuring the contract with the Flak negotiation contract if it is unable to restructive contract crow will be the team’s third high wage in the League.

Flak’s broker told reporters that the team will negotiate with Vlak this weekend. It is expected to be in Indianapolis. In fact, the Flak’s contract is not only the problem of 2016 season, but his contract will reach 31.2 million in the 2017 season. Dollar bill, this is also unbearable.

Wild Horse New General Manager: I hope to find four-point guards can grow up.Denver Muslim decided to let Vic Fangio continue to serve as coach in the new season, but the management is adjusted. At this four-defense position, the first-class event is a break, and the new general manager of the wild horse clearly expresses one of the words: the future of Drew Lock (Drew Lock) is still unconpected.

There are still many jobs to listen to Barton. After finally leaving the General Manager of the NNSUDA, he will spend a busy break after the team is in charge of the team. The next season will prove what his work will have the impact on the wild horse.

However, Barton’s attitude toward Locke is not as determined like Elvi, he basically said to reporters still need time to be familiar with the team, and then have a definite view to Rock. Such attitude has also been supported by Fang Gio, the latter means that Barton has studied Locke’s video without other people’s influence, so he can have a “fair view” for Rock.

“I still evaluated it for Drew, I think he has physical quality to become a four-point guard,” Elwi first said. “I think this season is essentially his rookie season … Obviously we will continue to investigate this location, you always do this … he shows excellent performance, but also mistaken, all young quarters. “

The ESPN reporter interviewed Pierre Paul’s answer is also the same. “I will no longer need special gloves next year. My hand is great, don’t ask me to ask me this question.” Obviously Pierre’s care for the outside world It has already begun to be irritated, but the pressure of these outside is already prepared in the lift season.

With the end of the Tiger’s head, Marvin Lewis, the end of the MARVIN LEWIS season (although he tried to deny this news.) But about the hierarch will not be guessed by everyone. So Jackson became the center of the recent news.

Message: Tiger trying to trade Brown coach Jackson Does the United States have a trainer? Recently, there is a news that Cincinnati Mason’s main congratulations against Cleveland – Jackson (Hue Jackson), I am interested in trying to trade him.

Then the joint view of the wild horse management is obvious: the wild horse needs more time to evaluate Rock, and then they can make a decision on his future. Locke showed mediocrity this season, completed 57.3% of the pass, got 2933 yards 16 times, properbehaviour.Info there were 15 passes to be copied, and the quarterfield was only 75.4. Such data clearly can’t prove that Locke can become a four-point guard, but other factors have also affected Locke, including the injury of CourTland Sutton, and the injury in the early season. .

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