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Tiger Treading A.j. Green (A.j. Green) (ankle) will not be added to the injury reserve list. Cardo Zucker-Taylor believes he can recover before the 8th week.

Lightning Standard Left Fruit Russell Okung will still stay in a list of non-rugby diseases, and now he is in an acute pulmonary embolism recovery period.

Wild horse new show 4-point guards – Drew Lock (thumb) will be added to the injury reserve list.

Bill’s near-end Thaler-Crovit (the foot) was removed from the injury and unable training list, became a list of 53 people.

Equanimeus (ankle) is added to the injury reserve list.

If Peterson can restore in time, he will become the most obvious candidate of Viking from the injury reserves. Under the new regulations, the team does not have to specify which player can return when playing the player in the injury reserve list. Peterson can come back in the game of Arizona, but most people think that he has to lack a few weeks.

According to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, this NET is negotiated with the Sea Eagle during the NFL body measurement. Bentet has previously signed a 4-year $ 32 million contract in 2014.

Last season, McKinnon also encountered knees in front of the knee before the knee. On August 6 this year, he was transiently activated to a big list, but after receiving the blood-rich plate plasma injection, the injury recovered slowly.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Piteson had an opportunity to return to Viking in the playoffs. In the first two weeks, Peterson got 50 yards & mdash; & mdash; it was obviously because the main four-point guarded Teddy-Bridgewater was lacking in the case of his opponent.

As the third corner guard of the pony, Badler is still in this season. It has been in the last week of Houstown’s contest, and find out here his lack will have a certain impact on the rotation of the second line of the small horse, but good at the top of the tiger. wide receiver AJ- Green (AJGreen) will be sidelined because of a foot injury , relieve the pressure pony anti- pass some extent .

White received an interview: “I can bet I have every money, I will continue to play at the Falcon.” White will receive 6 million US dollars in the 2016 season. If the team will get a $ 2.5 million gold space.

It is worth mentioning that Preil is a quarter-saving day of Ohio State University during the university. In 2011, the Auckland raid in 2011 was selected in the third round of the quarter-off, and he participated in the 2011-2013 season. Then, in Seattle Hawks, Kansas, the Kansas, and Cincinnati, I came to Cleveland Brundexer transition from Cleveland in 2015.

Defensive end strikes in Bottt and Hawks talk about renewal

Seattle Sea Eagle Defensive Demold Michael Bennett has collaborate with Marshawn Lynch, which helped Lynch to renew the renewal before the start of the season, and now I look at this Needs have similar ideas.

The freedom of speech in the Haiying team, and Bennet has been talking about yourself worth a new contract. Many players talk about the team to cut off those players who do not have a big contract, but those who value those worthy of the players?

In addition, Chuck Pagano announced that the main defensive end of Arthur-Jones was still affected by an ankle injury, and this scene was in trouble. In addition, the offensive front line three players Gosder Charilus, Jake Mewhrt and Hugh Thornton have injured, starting safety Swan Mac – Adams (Mike ADAMS is also troubled by an ankle injury.

Bennet has achieved 10 killing in the last season. He has always been one of the most dominated passes of NFL in the past few seasons. He hopes that he will renew, or at least rebuild the contract, it can reflect this. In many ways, he represents the savvy on the challenge of the Hawks in the future.

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