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Decryption: What does Rogers doing smoking mean?If you have been watching the Green Bay packaging in the past two seasons, and pay attention to the gesture of the smoking posture of Alon Rogers, you will be curious about what it will be curious. . This gesture is clearly referring to an offensive tactic or a formation change, while Sunday’s game Rogers let you believe that he does this gesture is just to let Jay Cutler.

Okang was traded in the Lap Season to the Carolina Black Leopard, in exchange for the other’s striller-Turner. At the press conference on Tuesday, US Tuesday: “I mean very clearly, here is not to rebuild. I want to win, now it is.”

Whether Joseph can leave a team once doubts after the wild horse is poor. After winning more than a lot of records in five consecutive seasons, this season’s wild horses only achieved 5 wins and 11 losses, including 8 games for spending more than 10 points.

Rogers smoking gestures were obvious to suggest Carterler, such a voice was proposed 2 years ago, now getting more obvious, this week, in the interview with Wisconsin ESPN, Rogers explained this action is indeed Carterler. Inspire.

The problem is whether the alliance and team parties will welcome him from the remaining 2 to 3 games under the current public public opinion. NFL Media Innors Ian Rapoport has reported that the Viking team wants to see his return.

Has 49 people have resolved fouls?This season, San Francisco 49 people once became the most fouls in the alliance. During this week, 49 people were only present 2 yellow flags at 22-17. But can this show that 49 people have gone rid of foul troubles, solve related problems?

49 people coach Jim Hubble (Jim Harbaugh said in the press conference: “This is a positive signal for us. We need to play with the right way, our players are eager to do this. I know Excessive fouls once makes us very hurt. “In Sunday, the 2 fouls of 49 people are the line of Amad Brox (Ahmad Brooks) violations of the neutral area, and left average micro-Upper Startup of Mike Iupati.

Katler and Rogers are very good friends, but we all know that Rogers always likes to use some concealed gestures to represent tactics. I used it several times in the game of the Chicago Bear. When he completed a ball that passed Jason Wilde, it seems that the gesture that smoked smoked is just a trick.

Trade Union: Pitters still wants to participate in this season competitionThe Minnesota Viking team only three this season, and the star left to them, Adrian Peterson, the time, this season, there is no more time.

The wild horses still have excellent players in the defensive group, and they do this season, although the field is lost, the row of alliances, the field is lost, and the yard rankings are ranked third. This shows that many loss is caused by the offensive group error ball.

Hubble believes that players will continue to fix their own behaviors, and the team will continue to avoid fouls. At present, 49 people’s fouls are second only to the 51st row of Pittsburgh steel people. 393 yards of foul penalty lines are ranked 3rd, and the new England patriots and steel people are at 466 yards and 437 yards.

There were 48 fouls from 49, respectively: 9 times of attack, 5 violations, 5 non-necessary violent movements, 5 violations, 5 hand movements, 4 times latency, 3 times Attacking interference, twice collision four defense, 2 catching mask, 2 infringement of the neutral area, 1 defensive, 1 illegal formation, 1 defensive interference, 1 illegal person, 1 freedom Kick off, 1 violation of sports morality.

The situation in Peterson is different from Ray Rice, because he and wholesale jerseys the Viking team have a contract in the body. Nowadays, Jerick McKinnon has been reimbursed in season, and 6 wins and 7-losing Viking team can of course give the peak of Pitterson.

The opponents of the top five regular seasons in the pony are the Hawks, Rams, Titan, Dolphins and Crows. These five teams last season totaled 54 wins and 26 losses, and four teams scored in the playoffs.

The black panther has been more than two consecutive years, and then the head of Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Run Run, the panther has hired Matt Rhule as a new coach. Frontline 4-point Weikam-Newton and professional bowl level close-end Fringen Greg Olsen has been sicking, and Luke Kuechly announced in January. Retired, everything points to rebuild, but Akang doesn’t think so.

However, he was banned, he was still waiting for the arbitrator Harold Harold Henderson’s ruling on his complaint, even if Pitters broke clearly showed that he would like to return to the court as soon as possible. “Sao Paulo Pioneer” reported that the executive of the player’s union George Atallah said: “Peterson told us that he still wants to come back this season.”

Although Joseph’s handsome is safe, his coaching group will change. Technical Group Coordinator Bolk – Olivo, Assistant Coach and Run Guard Coach Eric – Eric Studesville, offensive front line coach Jeff Davidson and external classes Tyke Tolbert is fired.

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