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According to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Wenz will not be trained in the training camp in the last season, will not be trained in the training camp due to injury. This is indeed a positive step for this 25-year-old quarter.

The 28-year-old Efte was pulled on the ground when the Falcon Dawn, and the right ankle was pulled down at a bad position, and he was very painful when he fell on the ground. Then Evet put on the protection boots and was separated from the venue by the medical car. He could clearly see that his eyes were full of tears.

But for the dexasians, the fate of the playoffs is still to rely on other teams. First of all, they need to win 3 wins and 12-linked Jacksonville, and then they are eligible to wait for the chance of the playoffs. What to do is to pray that Cleveland Brown defends the Kansas chieftains so they can successfully advance the playoffs. If this is the promotion of the playoffs, this is a breakthrough in 2012.

“According to our imagination, it is possible to complete the renewal, but imagine & mdash; & mdash; I will always use this word: If you want to think, you look like a silly thinking,” Hayward said in an interview. “I need to prepare for two results. I want to stay here in the rest of my career, I think I can continue to dedicate high-level performance many years.”

EA Sports Publisher said that Rice will be removed the player’s list before this Friday, the player only needs to be updated online. The reason for removal Rice is the behavior of the abuse of the abuse of the bottom line, and has been removed by NFL.

After Evervet, I was pushed: “I have made my best to exercise, so that I can help the team win, this kind of thing happens to break. But according to my experience, I am self-pity, I have no sorrow. use.”

Eagle 4 points Wei Wenz will be restricted to participate in the training camp

Beijing July 26th, the eagle training camp officially opened on Thursday, the figure of the Carson Wentz will also appear.

Hayward has entered the final year of the contract, he said that both sides have conducted some initial discussions, but there is no negotiation for some time. Although this did not change his wish that he wanted to leave, Hayward said that he was ready for the end of the result.

Chicago Xiong Qingbian History announced commemorative jersey

Beijing June 8th When we were getting closer and closer to the 100 NFL season, Chicago Bear heeded the 100th anniversary of the team. They started a three-day celebration on Friday.

The first round of the team is selected. The quad-saving satellite-Claien, Jade, Clowney, due to injuries, due to absence of major competitions, Texas people still have the opportunity of the playoffs, especially at 25-1 13 After Baltimore Crow.

Texas people’s playoffs still exist

After the season of 2 wins and 14, Houston Dezhou’s fans did not dare to imagine that there was still a chance to discuss the fate of the playoffs in the 17-week season in the 2014 season.

Steelman defensive end Haiver: Want to stay, but also prepare for the passing team

Pittsburgh Stebeston’s Defensive Demond Melon – Hayward (Cameron Heyward) said that he would be very willing to renew in the team, but the negotiation of the negotiation has never truly launched.

EA will remove Rice from Madden15

The supplier EA sports of TV games recently said that they will remove the Ray Rice’s Ray Rice’s Ray Rice’s player’s player’s player’s players, Eval.Sta-Doku.Dnb.De this behavior supports from players Requirements.

According to Labott, the eagle carefully considered whether to put Wenz into the training list (PUP) due to injury, they could not participate in training with the best state. In the end, the eagle choice let Wenz restricted training, meaning one of the members of the regular game 53 people.

EA Sports Madden Series is the oldest and most popular rugby TV game. It began popular from the 1980s. It is also the first annual game that has been updated, as a classic business case, is learned by other similar types of projects.

When the event ended on Friday, the bear team revealed their new commemorative jersey. They will wear this jersey on September 29th to the home game of Mingnesota Weijing and December 5th on December 5.

Hayward was selected for a while in the last season, this is the second time he won this honor for the second time. He obtained 83 hugs last season, 9 kills, once forced the ball and grab the ball right.

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