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Miller career has played 46 games in 3 years. Despite the poor performance of the rookie, he learned lessons and successfully greeted professional players. After the rookie year allows the opponent to press 65 times, Miller will happen this data last season (31).

In addition, the ram also signed four points from the wild horse training array, which is expected to make him a substitute. Due to the four-point galid, Jared Goff, John Wolford will start for the ram.

Bell said: “My knees are already very close to 100%, now there is at least 85% to 90%. I can start running, I believe I can re-invest in a short time.” The former Michigan State University The running guards proved that they have the most all-in -genated running guards in the alliance after Joining NFL. The team is looking forward to his return, as Bell said, they have the ability to get on the next level next season.

Miller is the first round show in 2018, the rookie contract has two years left (including the fifth year contract option). This year, the raids trades most of the starters of the offensive front line: Rodney Hudson, Rodney, right striker, Bijackson (Gabe Jackson) to the sea eagle, right cutout Trent Brown to Patriot.

“He won some confrontation, I won some confrontation,” Peterson said this week to Atlanta media. “But I think I have won most of the dowrer. (Jones is an incredible player. I like the mortuary and competition between us. This will inspire our two best states.” And Jones only remember to win. “From my impression, the only thing I can remember is that I won 3 times lost 1 time,” Jones said. “I defeated him twice in the university era, defeated him once in NFL. This is what I remember. So, you can come to record what I said casually.”

This season, Bell is selected for professional bowl and is rated as a member of the best lineup of the Alliance. His ground rushing ability and ball capability becomes the most trusted offensive weapon of steel people. Bell himself also said that his greatest goal is to keep health. Bell, who is only 22 years old, believes that he is not good enough this season, Wholesale jerseys he hopes to make progress in many aspects next season.

Not only Jones and Pitters will be one of the most confrontings of this week, but also the gap between the saga will work hard to maintain the gap between the National Association of West District and Seattle Hawks, and will also be able to be able to & mdash; & mdash; Prevent Falconson’s Liannan District, so this game is also important for the seasons.

Market: paying grabbed front-Star guard Mike – You Padi, then after another low-wage sign Lamar – Woodley, Witherspoon and Corey – Reading and other veteran defensive group, but it is worth noting that, “the world second angle Wei “Cromartie did not leave vacancies filled. B +

Steel man running guard: knees have been restored, look forward to next season

The injury of Run Vervie – Bell (veon Bell) may be the reason why Pittsburgh steel people were eliminated early. This week, in an interview, Bell said that his knees have been close to 100%. He is looking forward to working as soon as possible, and the team has achieved better results next season.

Market: Dunlap left tackle and cornerback Flowers and other main, by the way signed former Broncos front retaining Orlando – Franklin, lightning may have lost Ryan – Matthews and Gilchrist and other starters. B-

Ram Exterior Location Kuper – Kapu is added to new crown reserves

Tuesday, USA Tuesday, and the ram will be a list of injuries reserves in Kuropp-Cooper Kupp. The team did not disclose a specific reason.

Strong defense guarantees victory wild horse advances into the super bowl

The most important Federation of Federation, the last two minutes of the wind, the last two minutes, finally Manning was in the 17th direct confrontation of the old opponent Brradi. Denver Wom Horse 20-18 defeated the new England Patriots, first entered the super bowl, waiting for the National Union champion.

According to reports, Miller will renew the team for 3 years, an average annual salary of $ 1805,000, including $ 42.6 million security. This contract not only allows Miller’s annual salary of the alliance to attack the cut off, but also let him have the contract with the raid to end until the end of the 2025 season.

Market: paying signed Julius – Thomas, third gear and the ability to instantly improve the red zone offense. In addition Cerid – Rick Ord, Jeremy – Parnell and Davis Nevsky can quickly become the team’s starting. A

Coach: Broncos coach Fox straw fired, replaced the “old acquaintance” Kubiak to transform the attack, in addition to Wade – Phillips became defensive coordinator, I believe the Broncos defense can produce immediate results. A +

Draft: first round to select defensive tackle Marcon – Brown is not bad, but the second day draft choice and reproduction incredible, “Bailey Cech-style”, the third day of the selected front retaining Terre – Jackson is a surprise. B-

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