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When the ball attack, the cutoffs will be used after the penetration, but because the defensive end and the speed of the wire must be very fast, it is generally difficult to control them in front of them. Once the defensive end, the army is about to be parallel with the truncation, the disappearance should be turned away immediately, push the other side to a deeper backfinder, at this time, the quadrant will also move forward, so that the disappearance can guarantee ourselves to defense Between players and quadrants.

Michael Bente is still not satisfied with your contractSeattle Hawks’ defensive line player Michael Bennett still expressed dissatisfaction with your contract, he believes that the contract and his own effort is equivalent.

External handleman: I believe in performance when the jet continuesBreshad Perriman will usher in the fifth season of his career, and he has also joined the fourth team of career. In the last three games last season, he finally showed his strength.

This game is only 31.5, this is the lowest passage score with the four-point guard career with 109 game experience. He has lost all 9 times before the game, and it has passed 3 digits. Sedimentation, the pass rate of passed is only 41.2%, which is the fourth low of his career.

The main team quarterback Ricky year – though Cannon expressed support for Callahan, but also made clear that Callahan’s biggest mistake is to retain a very tactical password Duogeludeng period, making the Bucs easily know Raiders plan of attack.

When the running ball offensive, the truncation undoubtedly removes the defensive players in front, so that the farther the players who come to the ball. Because the defensive end and the speed is fast, the cutout must be hit when the running ball is blocked, otherwise it will miss the defensive player, causing the offensive to lose the code bad.

During the last three games last season, Beryman entered the starting lineup due to the lack of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. He passed a total of 3 consecutive games, and a total of 17 batches were completed for 4 times to achieve 349 yards. This is equivalent to 20% of his career and the number of balls.

In the 1 year of $ 6 million, add the jet attempt to prove yourself, Pereman’s teammates turn the outer line of the league to the weakening of the league. The jet lost in the free player market, Robby Anderson.

“I brought a lot of speed to this team, many of the long code of attack,” he said. “I know that my contribution to the team will be very big. I really want to start working and prove that they are wrong. I still have the same speed as I leave the college. I think my speed Really did not slow down. “

Raiders sink into the decade, when the Patriots beat their opponents has created a dynasty. They stormed all the way to the Super Bowl after that snow battle, Rick St. Louis Rams heyday, won for the first time in the history of the case not to be optimistic. And when they win way to beat the Raiders quite similar, still Wiener Terry, is still a free kick lore.

But in front of the player, Fletcher Cox, Olivier Vernon completed a big contract in this summer, and another JJ Watt (JJWATT) The annual income is at least $ 17 million. Compared with the Bennit 2016 season, 5 million dollars can be completed, and $ 7.5 million can be completed in 2017. This contract is far less than the top three.

[Offensive Group] How to become a cut offThe cutoff is generally a player in the team in addition to the four-point salary, especially the quartz-blind side. Compared to the striker, the cutoff is more flexible and the body is higher. As a member of the offensive front line, its main responsibility is to cover the four-point guard and the offensive of the running ball.

The cutoff is mainly facing defensive end and line guards. Both locations are players with a certain speed. Therefore, there must be relatively speeds to protect the quadrant and offensive for the running ball.

But the prevailing perspective is concerned, Gruden’s departure did not affect the strong Raiders. Les Brown and wide receiver combination conquering, and to give them a pass quarterback Ricky – Cannon is by virtue of excellent play to become MVP NFL in the next 02-03 season. In that season, the Raiders successfully rounded out the Super Bowl, and they are precisely the rival coach Gruden coached by former pirates.

“This will be my most important year,” Jefferson said, “This is the starting point I have established in the alliance, in a competitive partition showing strength. I have to prove a lot of things, but this is not too depressed. I really like this pressure, I can’t wait to wear the equipment. “

Preface: Jerry – Rice is the cheap nfl jerseys from china‘s greatest wide receiver, most of the time his career is in effect the San Francisco 49ers, but his peak was not only dedicated to the 49 people. In the east Oakland Bay Area, Jerry – Les follower who participated in the raid last Super Bowl in his life, and in the case of the team missed the championship was widely favored. He’s just this experience witnessed the rise and fall of several teams and countless rivers and lakes scores. The story begins in a snow war began.

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