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Harvin’s three times of referended was removed by the Haiye, the horn of the horn. “I think I have never seen an excellent performance like Harva,” Pete Carroll “said to Seattle Times. “This is the game, of course, now still.”

US time Sunday, the Black Panther has robbed Arizona, and Newton said in his post-comes: “For me, I don’t feel safe for me, because I don’t feel safe, I really don’t feel safe. It’s enough, I am prepared and the Chairman is officially talking about this problem, because I don’t know what I should do. “

Red Leather General Manager Like New Show Run Sathhot

Washington Red Primer Coach Jay Grudin has said that the team is a 3-wheeled Run Matt-Jones, which does not affect the Alfred Morris. The first position. But General Manager Scott McCloughan seems to be very optimistic about Jones’s future.

According to cheap nfl jerseys from China Media Reporter Ian Rapoport, Allen is expected to surgery on Wednesday, and there will be recovery processes at least throughout the rest. Labodote said that Allen’s goal is to return to the team in the first week of regular season, so the rehabilitation process may continue until September.

Harvin admitted that when his third time was blown away, he “had some depression”, but his offensive front line teammates helped the team to win 6.3 yards each time, this is a quite dominate. Performance.

Allen is expected to be a defensive cut-off conventional rotation. He will serve as a backup option of Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan. After joining the eagle in 2014, Allen fought all 48 games and participated in about 40% of the team last year.

Mike Coachang said in the last interview that Jones’s play style is like Ma Shawn Lynch: “Matt’s performance always makes me think of Ma Shaen, he has burstful, not afraid of confrontation and contact.” Mike Kohohan once served in Seattle Hawks. The 2010 season is brought by Lin Qi to the Hawk.

Mike Ke Lahan said: “I am honored to work in Seattle and Lynch, his playing method makes me very enjoyable, I want to hold him. It is really difficult. Now, Matt let me have a very similar feeling. “Despite this, Mike Coplo is also supported by the head of Groad, and he also believes that Morris will be the first hair of the team, but also expresses the expectation for Jones. He believes that Jones can get more opportunities with the in-depth season.

Bill running to McKay due to pedicure with a training on Thursday

Bill needs more patience to Runwah Shane-McCoy, and the eye-catching Billman war will come in a few days, but McCoojo leaves due to foot pain due on Thursday. Training.

Kam – Newton feels unsafe needs in the field and meets the chairman

The Carolina Black Leopard has a lack of lack this season. Recently, their stars are prepared and the Alliance Chairman Roger Gudell meets this issue.

“They are really good,” Kaibo said. “But the problem is that these fouls make you have a kind of & lsquo; hey, not so good & rsquo; feel. But they put the opponent to the helmet.” They also let the referee have throw a penalty for a penalty once again.

Harvin’s 3 scores were canceled due to foul (2 times in continuous attack) was part of the Haiying total penalty of 13 fouls, 7 of whom was a blow penalty for offensive front lines. Left disappearance Russell Okung The first, central Marx-Angel, Max Unger and Paving James Carpen, respectively. The second foul of Cag President made Harva received a long conveyor to the dark, when he was covered with a red player after the ground was unnecessary.

“This is a (wrong penalty),” Attack front line coach Tom Cable “said. “He just finished blocking. I always tell them: As long as you don’t have to worry about your questions. If you do it late, if you do something stupid, I don’t want this happening. But this action It doesn’t belong to this category. “

When Williams would replace McKay’s starting position, Ryan said: “I don’t even want to think about it … Just as I said, I have not made a decision to give up Maiku. “The foot injury usually needs to rest and treat it with cautious, otherwise it will not improve, but Bill is also carefully considered for the tickets for their playoffs. Relax, Bill Fine & Mdash; & mdash; Maiku Yelen will play, but will not play 100%.

“He feels (foot) is very painful, so we will send him back to rest”, the Bill Teach Rex Ryan said on Thursday. McCoo’s foot pain began to play him from the preseason. In the first week of Bill 27 more than 14, the foot pain made McCooe feel uncomfortable, in the battle of Indianapolis. He only won 41 yards in 17 times. Ryan hopes that McCay Thursday training will not last until Sunday, Karlos Williams is Buffalo’s current Runaway, and the performance of the first week is very good, but Lien knew that he would need Maikay in the game of the Super Bowl Championship on Sunday.

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