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Texas people take over discontincy: I hope my experience can help SwauterssenExternal handle Landol – Kobo (Randall Cobb) has been hitting in NFL since 2011, he hopes that your long career can help yourself in Houston Texas people.

Cap Brothers are in the East Washington University, Cooper is in East Washington in 2014 and Katener’s career is from 2015 to 2018. Cooper was selected by the ram in 2017, while Katener added a rookie in May this year.

Ram External Learning Kurole – Kapu: It’s fun to do teammates with your brother.Beijing July 7, although there are many famous brothers in NFL, but actually has not so much. You can fight with your family in NFL, and you can do less with your brother to work with the same team.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Mostart’s contract year has not increased. However, he won the $ 250,000 signature bonus, which made the incentive bonus that can be reached last season, which is the part that the team is intended to pay. A lot of incentive bonus clauses have been added to the new contract, and these, the total salary is up to 5 million US dollars.

The Dezhou offensive group has undergone tremendous changes in this year, and Kobo believes that the outside world has thus underestimated them. If Watson and Kubbles can be good, the fans will start to see Texas.

Mostart prior to demanded by the team, the team did not meet his explanation requirements. Mostatt’s requirements are very simple, hoping to pay the highest salary of TEVIN COLEMAN, Tower Coleman. Mostarta originally fundamental salary of US $ 25.7 million.

The team of harvesting compensation is usually lost, or there is excellent player lost in the free market. The final result is determined by the equation that NFL is not announced, considering factors including salary, playing time, playoff honors and free market value.

Recently, Baldo is said to be a radio interview: “Talking to other teams is impossible. We didn’t call the team to ask if there is no team to call us, so news is fake , 100% fake. The proposition is like this: Katnik is Jim’s people are right, but he is still our people! I believe you ask Jim to say this. He is a very talented player, he You can influence the game through your arms and footsteps. We have won a lot of playoffs through him, we need him to get more victory, he is our quarter. “

If you come to the giant Smith, it will become the replacement of Eli Manning. This 26-year-old quarter-breakfast is hard to find a good opportunity to find a good one after the old things in the jet before.

49 general manager firmly support CapenkSan Francisco 49 people will trade their quarter-free Kaepernick? Regardless of the recent report, it seems that the team general manager Trent Balke is a firm supporter of Kelnik.

It seems that 49 people will continue to use Capenik to bring the team to win the victory, and Cape Nick’s third first season has completed the total record 25 wins and 15 losses, and helped the team entered the super bowl.

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