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The rookie running guards 4 to help the patriotsOn the 11th week, the Sunday Night Tournament was held at the Indiana Patients to meet the New England Patriots Team. The Patriot team defeated the wilderness in the previous week and ranked 7 wins and 2 negative rankings. The pony team ranked 6 wins and 3 negative ranks third. This game for the seed race of the two team playoffs and the main service It will have a major impact, and it is also a “one to two games”. After the Patriots opened, he insisted on the road strokes and quickly passed, relying on the rookie to go to Gigray’s inside of the truncation, and finally helped the team to defeat the piratat at 42-120.

Eagle coach: The first sedent is still SanchezIn the sixteenth week, the Philadelphia eagle was lost in Washington, while the opponent Dallas denim was home to the Indiana Pony. The eagle also bid farewell to the competition for the playoffs. The last week’s competition has nothing to do with the eagle. Many people support the second-year quartz-Barkley Matt Barkley to exercise. When asked the first quarter of the satellite candidate at the 17th week, the eagle coach, CHIP Kelly, said that Mark Sanchez will still be used. Kelly said in an interview: “Sanchez is our current first four points.”

When the second quarter was carried out for 8 minutes, Rock was barely passed on Wayne, who was focused by Rewick, and Rewick, who was focused on the side of the patriosis. Then Braddy led the Patriot team to stage a unconventional business attack, 4 minutes completed 12-speed attack and completed the second mushroom of the game, 14 to 3 Patriopters to expand score. But after 2 minutes, the Patriot team has the opportunity to expand the advantage, and Braddy’s pass once again was copied by Adams. Because it was half a field in patriot, then Lak quickly found the external connections Nixi completed 10 yards. Ball Daren, the pony team ended behind the first half.

But the biggest problem at present is that the pirate has not found a suitable system. Curt said: “Those staff told me that there are probably some time to debug. I said, no, I need to let Jiemes can use it immediately.” I believe this technology will be more in the near future. More wholesale nfl jerseys team is used.

9 years agoThe team owner Woody-Johnson released a statement: “After repeated consideration, I and Lan and Izyk were clear this morning. They will not stay again next season. They both for jet The team has an extremely important contribution, I am grateful to their payment. The self-confidence and many playoffs experience brought by Lyan’s jets have been worth remembering. “

This game, Tom Braddy 30 passed the ball to complete the 257 yard 2 reachable and 2 times of copies, the rookie run Guier 38 shohe the ball won the 199 yard 4 times, showing eye. Rock 39 times completed 23 times to win 303 yards 2 reachable and 1 cases were copied, and the best pick-up hand was close to Fengfrini, complete 7 counsers to win 144 yards. After the end of this, the Patriots team continued to move around the United States.

Sanchez passed the ball in the last week of the last week, and the team was directly led to the team. He played 8 games this season, a total of 13 mistakes, his protection capacity of the ball stayed in the jet period, which also made the eagle fans very dissatisfied, and such performance also made Sanchez to serve as the first season The position has become a question.

Dirk Koetter said: “This will be good for Wenston learning tactics, so we will try to use this technology.” And Winston himself said: “I never before With this technology, I know that the cowboy has been used, which will help me better master the tactical concept. “

The eagle will be with the defensive disappearance, Mary, Jackson Signed for three years. Beijing, March 11, according to ESPN reporters, Josina Anderson reported that the eagle has reached an agreement with the original American Tiger defense, Malik Jackson, will agree with the details of the contract, and will sign it soon.

In the 2015 season, Jackson is a member of the strong defenders. The American Tiger is also willing to give him ten gold. In 2016, the American tiger and Jackson signed a $ 85 million contract for 6 years. In the three seasons of the American Tiger, Jackson completed 18 kills. However, he has been obviously returned by the 2018 season, only 3.5 times of killing.

In the second half, the Patriots team came to the pony between the 39 yards of Wilun, and finally found the near-end Feng Huai specially completed the 2 yards of the pass to the patriarch, and the Patriots team 21 to 10 expanded. Advantage. And then the pony team rely on the shooting of 3 points. Before the end of the third quarter, Gray, he completed the third time of the individual in the first 1 yard in the pony team, and the Patriot team 28-1 13 is leading.

In the past six seasons, Ryan’s record of 46 wins in the jet team, and in his first two seasons, the jets have entered the United States championship in the first two seasons, and the records of the two seasons are 9 wins and 7 losses. And 11 wins and 5 losses. But in the past four seasons, there were no playoffs. The 2011 and 2013 season are the two seasons that the jet machine is close to the playoffs, and the records of regular season are 8 wins and 8 losses.

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