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After La Raul, Josh McDaniels may continue to stay in the patriot, because the packaging is currently the only interviewed team. The defensive coordinator Mike Peding is also very likely to continue to stay.

Dolphin strikes, Sish-Heton season reimbursementBeijing September 15th, the Dolphin Attacking front line is in the unclear performance, but it is a pity that this performance can continue to become unknown.

In the game lost to Titan, Mike Glennon organized 7 times. During this period, the Ji Tiger took 5 first attacks and promoted 99 yards. Glennon’s last intention of connecting D.j. Chuck (D. J. Chark) was copied, eventually replaced in the third section of the game.

“I will do anything capable of helping the team. I am a team player,” I got 15.5 murder of the season. “Whether it is to remove the biography or impact the ball. I will do anything. I think they (vote) see this.”

Titan Offense Coordinator will be a new coach of the packageUS time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the packageman will hire Titan offensive coordinator Matt Lafleur to take a coach.

Before Titan, Leff Rolle was served as the offensive coordinator of Sean Mcvay in the Range of Sean, but he was not responsible for tactical layout. Top again, Levrour 2015, 2016 served as a quadruple coach at the Falcon. just click the following webpage road to his football promotion and the Samunhan family are inseparable. He has established friendship when he worked with Kyle Shanahan in Texas, and then worked with the son of the red skin with the Salunan father.

Previously, players like J.j. Watt have been selected in one position, and in another position. The Watt this season has been all 50 votes in the defensive end position, and this is also doing this, and the Minnesota Viki Runs Adrian Peterson.

Ninth National League Defensive Player of the Week: Minnesota Vikings defensive spikes Linwa – Joseph (Linval Joseph), who was Vikings coach Mike – Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) he coached to become the best defensive spikes players to help the team the St. Louis Rams starting running back Todd – the number of rushing yards Geer Li (Todd Gurley) is limited to the first 100 yards (24 times rushed the ball 89 yards). Joseph made a total of seven tackles, three tackles result in loss of yardage and 0.5 sacks.

In the opening ceremony, the dolphin offensive front line only allows 1 to kill, helping the team scorpion to advance 120 yards. But Titan’s defensive front line is not too strong, this week’s jet is really challenged.

Mike’s porscity and brave performance made him in two positions in the 2015 best lineup in the United States, this is the first time by players in NFL history. The second-grade Auckland raid guard side has been supported in the selection committee composed of 50 media reporters on Friday.

If Packers quarterback Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) can make good use of Newton’s last-minute bad passes were steals, it will be completely different from the description of the game, but Newton’s pass before this performance enough to make he became the ninth week of the National League Offensive player.

Thomas said: “The opportunity to explain Monday is great. We are looking at great players such as Night Tourists and Brett Favre. It can become a commentary. But in the explanation, I am still a newcomer, I want to show my personality first, let everyone know that I am worthy of polish, cultivate me, then let me bear the big thing. “

However, Leff Raul truly responsible for the tactical layout time, only this year’s Titan. Titan’s performance is also undulating, although there is even a bad breakthrough, but it is not the scene of the injury and passage of Marcus Mariota. The game was blocked by the crow, and Mario Tag was killed 11 times. Even if an example. But in the night game, the cowboy and the American tiger are also worthy of praise.

AP Offensive Player of the ninth week: Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota), the rookie quarterback to complete the return from injury after four touchdown passes no passes were steals. After uneven start, Mali Horta in the 34-28 victory over the New Orleans Saints game ripped the defense. Mali Horta 39 successful passes of 28 (71.8% success rate) to obtain 371 yards 4 touchdowns and no captured killed.

The front Brown left disappeared did not have a decision, he said: “I have received the work invitation from the TV station such as Fox. But first, I have to spend some time, we will weigh the decision, will not take yourself I still have a lot of time, I can try the media to work and see if I am in place. “

Newton feel good in recent weeks, came in the last game 59 yards, 52 yards and 39 yards passing, helping the Panthers get 8-0 record. Newton made 296 yards passing touchdowns three times and also made 1 own red ball touchdowns.

Midland ninth week of the best SWAT team players: New York Jets punt hand Ryan – Quigley (Ryan Quigley), Quigley continued the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive launched in the side position to suppress the depths of the half, his 9 once abandoned kicked five times into the other within 20 yards and did not punt into the end zone. Quigley kicker Nick – after Falk (Nick Folk) who served as the first place of the injured also kickers, complete all four additional points shot.

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