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“I feel that he is quite good.” Carol tells reporters so much, “Although there is a pass protection not in place, it is harmed (four-point Wei Russel Wilson [Russell Wilson]) suffered hit. But other places He didn’t make mistakes, the task was complete. There was also a shower attack on his own goal, but his performance is still very stable. I will look at the video. “

On October 31, Www.Asaig.Com 2004, the Haiying 23 was overcome with the Black Leopard, which was previously lost to the patriot. On January 22, 2006, the Haiying 34 is overlink. On December 16, 2007, the Black Panther 13 is more difficult to defeat the Sea Eagle. On December 5, 2010, the Haiying 31 was overcome with a panther. On October 7, 2012, the Sea Eagle was overcome on the panther. On September 8, 2013, the Haiye took a 12-0 victory in the Black Leopard. The final seak won the super bowl of champion this season. On October 26, 2014, the Sea Eagle overcome the black panther. On January 10, 2015, the China Union semi-final, the Haiying 31-17 defeated the panther. On October 18, 2015, the Black Panther was overcome 27 to 23.

In terms of the defensive group, Aaron Donald is 4 times, and the total number of kills in the season reached 19.5 times, creating a new ram team history and defensive trip. Current records, 22.5 murder records from Michael Strahan 22.5 times. Because this round of the bear wins, the first round of the ram is still unstable, and 49 people in the next episode, Donald may still go to the field, so it is still chance to break the record.

Geno Smith: There are many reasons to make you like Smith in the first game. He is only three passing mistakes in the audience when the Auckland Assault team, and his pocket move is quite excellent. These are difficult to learn after tomorrow, but Smith seems to know how to get rid of the pressure of the pocket. At the same time, he can also choose the right time to get the first attack. He looks like a qualified first. But this is just a good side. Smith is also unable to ignore, he has four bad performances that can be almost unable to offset his excellent side: once is copied, twice falls and killed once. With the growth of experience, quad-shipment generally avoids such errors. Smith has a lot of qualities, you can’t teach.

Carol is satisfied with the location of the Audi Yangbo left cut offHaiying’s first left cut, George Fant, a tear ACL, after the past one week, several people have proven that they have strength to fill his vacancy.

New York Giants Boss State Support Coach McCaduHad lost a bad idea famous historical site of the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers a child less than 24, the team owner said they would until the end of the season before deciding whether to make a change.

[Event Review] The ram 31-9 takes the red bird, the Fitzgerade career first passed the ballThe ram Todd Gurley is played in Todd Gurley. The replacement is the CJ-Anderson, which has just signed with the team. Anderson played a good, 20-time mushroom 167 yards. 1 shocked ball reached. In addition to Anderson, today’s rave is out of the ground, and the outer handle Robert Woods and the Jared Goff have also got a rush to reach, and the total team has advanced 269 yards.

Ryan Tannehill: In the game of the New England Patriots team, Miami Sea Puzza team played 23 to 0 climax in the second half, which is a rare victory in the Dolphin in recent years. However, the team’s offensive group came: “My first feeling is that we have become faster, especially when I attack attack. I think we missed it. Many this can be made of balls, there are some problems that are passing or doing decisions, many of which are obvious. “Lazzo said it is very right, the passage of Tenndine, the pass of Tenndine, is not accurate, pull Zol referred to the issue of Derutid, but the problem he passed was more obvious.

GuoRea partition Saihai Eagle VS Leopard Preview (History Report)Although the Leafah of Carolina has completed 15 wins and 1 loss of proud performance this season, the black panther and the Seattle Hawk’s historical record, the gap is huge, and the Hawks currently take a total of 7 wins 2 Need to lead.

After the giants turned from a potential super bowl to the national union mat team, McCadu’s future has always been a topic of people’s guess. The failure to 49 people may represent the team of the team this season.

Dimitlov said in the statement: “After consulting with Hurio and its team during the session, the two sides reached a consistent, we will further discuss new contracts in 2019, thank everyone’s efforts and communication. Contract Recombinant does not hinder our renewal of other members, we will continue to work. “

“(Coach) Ben McAdoo is our head coach, he got our support. We are in a season of extremely disappointing season,” Team Boss John Mara (John Mara) and Steve Tisch is expressed in the statement. “Our performance this year, especially the performance of the past two weeks, not forgiveness and frustrating. Although we understand that fans are dissatisfied with everything that has already happened, no one is more sad than us. Our plan is to do it. Things, that is, it is not commented in season. Our responsibility is what is determined at the end of the season. We will evaluate the entire 2017 season and determine how our future will advance. “

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