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Hill was played in Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) reimbursed by kneam injury during the preseason, but Hill was injured in the first week, and Fischer was worn. Vissed has served as the first quarter-saving and said that Time Hill wounded to Davis is still the first.

Marshal is still complaining about the front teammatesThis week, the Chicago Bear Team will take over the Arctic dolphin, the star of the bear, and the Brandon Marshall will be gathered with the former east. Talking about the time in Miami, there is still a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction in Marshall, when I accept an interview, I talked about him and the front teammate —– time Dolphin starting quarter The experience of CHAD HENNE.

Marshall did not cover his disappointment for Henney. In the two seasons of his cooperation with Henry, the dolphins only achieved 7 wins and 9 losses and 6 wins and 10 losses. In the 2012 holiday, Dolphin General Manager Jeff – Ireland is quite cheap to give Marshall deal to the bear team.

If you come to the giant Smith, it will become the replacement of Eli Manning. This 26-year-old quarter-breakfast is hard to find a good opportunity to find a good one after the old things in the jet before.

In addition to Bird, the steel man safety sancto Mike Mitchell was punished for a $ 23,152 due to the impactless preparation. His defensive objects, near-end Thaler Tyler Eifert has been absented from the lower game due to brain shock.

It can be changed today. Davis meteor flashed his talents, but several big mistakes included 3 mistakes in the fourth quarter last Sunday, directly leading to the team’s conversation. Fischer needs a unparallert that does not have big mistakes, which is worth trusting, and now Hill is what he hoped.

Also taking into account Tony Romo, DEZ BRYANT, Bryant is the only player who can fight against Sherman, if it is excluded, Romo It is indeed NFL’s top quarter-off. In the past a six94 pass, there were 15 times of success in 694 times, and the success rate was 43.3%.

Marshall said: “Our team is a four-point guard, the team’s defense is quite strong, but the offensive is disappointing. Honestly, there are a lot of talented young people in the event, if there is a good The quarter-shifting is kneaded together, and it is absolutely able to achieve a big thing. Unfortunately, we didn’t touch the person. “

After the four seasons of Titan, the first season of the jet last season, Williams completed 120 times in the year, the whole team first, at the same time, at the same time, 6 times, 6 ruins and twice forced Drop the ball. The proud data makes him a bright future this season, but universal can.

Steelman Tiger Battle Two team players were fined 140,000 US dollarsAccording to the Alliance sources, the Alliance has issued approximately $ 140,000 on the seven players of Pittsburgh Steelman to the Sinchen Mason’s competition.

When I talked about the transaction of the year, Marshal said: “I am very surprised at the time, but Jeff told me that my home is a bear team, I am very happy. I think this transaction is for me and my family. Best. After all, life is my dream in Chicago. “

I still remember that the proller’s coach Jeff – Fisher (Jeff Fisher) emphasized the continuation of Davis’s first words? According to “Jim Thomas”, Jim Thomas, this Sunday will be played by Shaun Hill, Davis Hill, Davis Hill.

Perhaps these fines are the tigers, A.j. Green (A.j. Green) was fined $ 11572 due to the watch on the table, which is already a penalty for the second day. Although the players allow the players to deliver the ball to the fans, but because the safety factors are considered to throw the ball or kick the audience.

Tiger line Wei Vents – Vontaze Burfict has received the largest ticket, due to 3 different defensive & mdash; & mdash; rough treated ball, pull mask and non-essential rough violent motion & mdash; & mdash; fined $ 69454. One of the defensive events occurred in the upper half of the game, he hit the hit to the steelman four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger. Bakedel claimed to be pushed by other players and finally fell there.

However, from the situation of the Hawks of the Hawks in the past few seasons, Dallas needs to be prepared to face the defense of Richard Sherman, https://www.google.Com.do in fact, the boss of the denim. Jerry Jones tells the fans’ information through broadcast on Friday.

At the beginning of this season, Green Bay packages have basically been meaningless to pass the ball to the Sherman in the game. This directly limits the offense of the package, causing Aaron Rodgers to pass a lot of long-distance balls.

Denim winning big meter: pay attention to ShelmanDallas Cowboy is going to the CenturyLink Central Course to stop the super bowl of champion. Since the cowboy has not won 4 consecutive victories since 2011, if they hope, the game is very important.

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