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click through the next article Seattle Hawk’s running Weaving Marshawn Lynch has become a source of new songs that sing singer Ludakris. This song was named “Beast Mode”, using a new music rhythm, Lynch shares the MV notice of the song in advance in his social software, and he has a mirror inside.

With the 3 weeks of observation training, the bear team thinks that this season is impossible for White, the US time on Tuesday, the bear decided to put White in the non-play list, in fact he stayed on this list. The season, this means that the player of the high election show will wait until the next season can come to the NFL’s stadium.

Big Brother Jojo has been killed 2 times, 7 times, 4 times leads to the number of opponents, helping Los Angeles Lightning 17-16 to defeat Chicago Bear. The younger brother Nick got 3 kills, 4 times and 1 copy, helping San Francisco 49 people 51-13 to defeat Carolina Black Leopard.

The panther trainer said: “This is part of the recovery process. Camgh is preparing for this season. He will continue to pass on Tuesday, and we will continue to monitor the development. Currently, everything is planned conduct.”

Newton last year’s data is not bad, advanced 3,395 yards, reached 24 times, was copied 13 times, and the transfer rate of 67.9% is a new high. However, the decision-making ability finally swallowed the black panther, withdraws from the ranks of the competition.

The front MVP accepted the shoulder surgery in January and experienced a long recovery period. I have only started training with rugby football training. At present, the team plans let him resume the training training of still targets next week, and whether they participate in the training still pending.

Darnod This game was significantly better than Prestiscot, but the latter also had appropriate reason: two starting cuts in the offensive cut, Amari Cooper departed early due to hips injury. Darnod has completed 23 times, and the 338 yard was promoted, reached 2 times, and was copied once. Prescott 40 times completed 28 times, pushed 277 yards, he also had a 4-yard quilt in a 4-bit array, giving the team’s hopes.

Scott Turner said: “His current recovery is very good, trying to make your shoulders become the best. The spirit is very good. He knows All the importance, I believe he has the opportunity to complete the stunning performance. “

Falcon If you want to win, you must prevent the attack of the rock. At first they seem to be done, 3 gear & amp; 5 yards, the red scitch four points Wei Kyle Murray appeared in front of the first attack. However, after the recording is played back, the referee team believes that Murray’s first attack is successful, and the red rickets are also saved.

Camper – Newton will restore pass exercises in the mini training campBeijing June 9th, US Time Saturday, the black panther announced that the four points 卫 Cam Newton will resume all pass training in the mini training camp started on Tuesday.

Mario Tita has completed 7 times today, and the 63 yards were promoted and was copied twice. He completed 94 times in 159 times this season, promoted 1179 yards, reached 7 times, and was copied twice. Passman Rating 91.7 seems to look good, but this does not show the limitations of Titan offensive efficiency.

The red scitch launched a big score, but the falcon quickly raised the platform. Unfortunately, only two minutes left, the falcon’s Matt Bryant missed the additional shot, and the score stayed at 34-33.

Jared Goff 24 times passed 13 times, pushed 78 yards, no pass, was first attacked, was killed 4 times. Zuo Fengqi Joe Notenmoom is in the knee injury, and then the offensive front line is also difficult to resist 49 people. Aaron Donald manufactured, the ball has given the ram, but the passage of Gaoff is not completed to stop here.

The performance of Nick Bosa simultaneously became a second young player who won at least 3 killing since 1982. He obtained 7 kills in 7 games, which is the second multi-data obtained in the history of any players in the top 7 games in the past.

Bosa brothers got 5 kills on the same day, this created the record of the brothers playing in the same day when they got at least 1 killing, Bosa brothers broke TJ Watt (TJ Watt) And JJ Watt Brothers (the fifth week of 2018) and Jimmy Williams (Jimmy Williams) and Toby-Williams Brothers (the second week of the 1985 season) won the 4.0 times Kill record. (The murder officially became NFL statistics in 1982)

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