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“I think the most important question is, (you have to have negotiating them as people and them, I mean these people love to play for Kansas City chiefs & mdash; & mdash; you know this, from how they talk about Kansas City chief It can be seen, “Mahms said. “They also want to be able to raise their families, just like me, so they will make the most favorable decisions for themselves and their families. But I know that they love to play for the Chief of Kansas City, like I love to win the champion, so I can Successful appearance is excited, I hope they are successful in Kansas City chiefs. “

Due to the premiere preamble of the groin injury, top.rkka.Es Sterling Shepard was more than the Stern Sterling Shepard in the depth of the lineup, Https://linkedopentafsir.com/ Cruz’s efforts continued to face more difficulties. After Cruze returned to personal training, the team coach Ben McAdoo said that the injuries of Cruze on Sunday, obviously still plagued him, he will re-accept the inspection.

Feng – Miller sent beauty of the United States a bottle of red wine

Denver’s Wild Horse Wanwei Von Miller recently sent a player (including the training group), a bottle of red wine, and with a touching thank you letter.

The team coach Vance Joseph Monda said that Trevor Siemian will start the first episode of the Chicago Bear, followed by the first round of Xiopollston – Lin Paxton Lynch will start the second episode of 49 people in San Francisco.

Fitz Patrick will first lead the pirate to the old New York jet, and then facing Miami dolphins. If Winston also needs to be absent, Fitz Patrick also needs to lead pirates to Atlantan Falcon, Green Bay Package and Detroit Lion.

Have a cold in the Hawie’s dressing room last week, which is located in the most affected players. They expressed a total of at least 22 pounds of weight, but two of the two people completed the most critical performance in the 37-30 victory of Mingnesota Weijing: One copy and 60 yards of the ball reached.

The wild horses have been waiting for Lynch’s not shown to surpass Ximian’s performance, but now this moment is coming. Although Lynch can returned to the competition in the second episode, Ximeian may also play a competition in the first episode.

In 2014, it was seriously injured in 2014 and the calf was rare injuries, and after surgery, Cruz was hard to maintain health to help the team. Occasional injuries are turning a long injury, but Shangrruz did not care about this injury and emphasized that he was slowly recovering in the past experience.

In addition, players affected by a cold also have defensive cut-offs, Poona Ford, SHAQUEM GRIFFIN and Subject to protect Jordan Roos. Ford started the game, and Griffin was played in the special team and sometimes in the defensive group.

The chief quarter Shuabos: I hope the new contract will not hinder the team to win.

The new contract of Patrick Mahomes is a topic that is concerned with an external concern, which will make him have the opportunity to become the highest salary player. The Chief of Kansas City understands this and has recognized that the negotiations may spend a lot of time.

Thanks to the letter to write: “You have a honor with you 2 times in the stadium. We are so lucky to turn the dreams into reality. Our bleeding, our sweat, our pain And the never-ending video recording is our love for the game. So take a break to enjoy your success, enjoy the honor you have got, thank those who have helped you, then continue our dreams. Thank you for helping me to dogether. Great game! “

Considering that Ximeian asked very well in the training camp so far, this decision is slightly unexpected, but it can also be seen as the best situation for Lynch. With more than one month from the regular season, Lynch can use the second episode to prove that he can start the most important third episode.

“No, I will be hurt once a year,” said Cruz to reporters on Tuesday. “Just I am a problem of injury training or a problem that is accumulated in the rest day. Just feeling tight. I just want to train the house, I will apply it. I have not felt sad. I just listened from my body and confirmed I will take the right way. I don’t want to ignore some things and then encounter a big injury. “

“When you look back at your career after your career, you want to see you have achieved a lot of success, many victories, hope to have a lot of super bowls of champion & mdash; & mdash; I want to see a lot of success at your career. Mahms said. “Obviously I want to get a contract, obviously I want long-term support and do all such things.”

Winston was on the game against the New Orleans saints due to the shoulder injury in advance, and the injuries that were originally encountered before a month ago. Old will be out of Ryan Fitzpatrick, 15 passed 8 times successfully achieved 68 yards 1 time. The pirates finally 10-30 loses it.

In the final injury report in advance, six Haiying players were listed as sick. Among them, don’t take the training before the game, rest at home. Flalles stayed in the team, wearing an antiviral mask to participate in training. At the training gap on Wednesday, he had to vomit toward trash can.

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