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Indianapolis-Colts-17-Collie-BlueTrofan has two advantages in the size of the body and the speed, which makes him very suitable for Dan Quinn’s defensive group. Trovete can be entangled in the opponent and can destroy the passage during anti-transmission and have a good attack angle when destroying the ball.

Patriots head coach Bellicikoker larinated reporter’s shoes

Bill – Bell Belichick season answering mode. The main coach of the New England Patriots team was answered on Saturday of Saturday on Saturday, Tom Brady answered due to uncertain causes of injuries.

At the same time, since the player did not wear a mask in the ninth week of defeating Tangpawan in the locker room, the New Orleans saints were fined $ 500,000 and was canceled next year’s seventh round of draft. The saints were also found in a meeting to not wear masks.

Saints have previously violated epidemic prevention regulations. Earlier this season, since I fail to comply with the mask in the second week, the Saint was fined $ 250,000, and the coachton of Sen Payton was a fine of $ 100,000.

Bellchik Answer: We did everything asking for everything. We have announced injuries, we will continue to announce, the content we will announce is based on the requirements of the alliance, just as we do for each team.

Subsequently, the quarterfare of the former ram is four-point guard, and the four points of SHAUN HILL will appear. According to relevant people, Brigate is not serious, but for conservative considerations, http://Www.carotanovellaigp.it/index.php?/member/191428 the team did not arrange him back to the field. Before leaving, Biggauter passed 21 times, completed 13 times, advanced 144 yards, and copied once but completed a mushroom.

In the end, Viking people have smoked with Blair Walsh 40 yards, and the overtime will be stronted. The team will observe Briguwater in the next few days, and Joea is likely to be a fine of implications.

Former Patriot Scouts Oscerfit will join Titan

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters report, before Monti Ossenfort, the Monti Ossenfort of Monti Ossenfort, former Patriots University, will join Titan and serve as a member of the player’s personnel department.

Previously, the defensive front line player CLIFF AVRIL also said that Qui Dynasty is very good at tuning a single player. He can decompose every tactic to a lot of small parts to help players raise to a new realm. Safety Yal Thomas said: “He will adhere to his own coaching concept. It will succeed like him.”

Briguwater is in front of the brain

In Minnesota Viki, the team’s four-point guarded Tedi Briggwater was encountered by the Teddy Bridgewater, the Teddy Bridgeware, Lamarcus Joyner. The collision, the brain shock in advance.

Oxsefurt once interviewed the general manager of Brown, but Cleveland finally chose Andrew Berry. Last year, Texas tried to draw Ousseford as the general manager, but the patriot did not allow the other party to interview.

Jon Robinson, a general manager of Titan, has worked with Osenford for eight years in the patriot. Since Robinson’s entry Titan, there have been many patriot members who have been pulled along with him. The coach Mike Vrabel is also a patriot player.

Defensive Didway Michael Bennett revealed in the media day, Quinn has designed a perfect defensive strategy for the new England patriot. This Nette describes Quin’s plan to “master”. At the same time, Bennet emphasizes that Quin has learned every player, he can put the players in the most suitable position and inspire them all their capabilities. Finally, this Note supplements, Quin’s qualification will help him succeed in any team.

Sea Eagle Player: Quin is a defensive master

The popularity of Dan Quinn in the players did not decline because he decided to enter the Atlantian Falc. A day ago, the line guard K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) predicts that the Falcon will easily enter the playoffs next season. After a day, Witter once again said that Quin is a true defensive master, he will help the team in a super bowl of championship.

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