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The problem now is whether Braddy will consider the conversion of the East to continue his career. His contract made him have a lot of weights in consultations with patriots, especially his contract not allowed the patriot to specify his privileged label.

Victor – Cruze visits Carolina Black Leopard

In order to solve the problem that the team has always existed, the general manager of the Carolina Black Leopard, Dave Gettleman, metaver, Dave Giant, the front New York Giants, metaver. – Victor Cruz.

Not only because of Cruze’s injury, he missed 10 games in the 2014 season, not only all the games were absent in the 2015 season, and his performance was also declined. He completed 15 games last season. 586 yards, he seems no longer to adapt to the location of the slot, and Cruze finally column 75th in the final ranks last season.

The giant is currently ranking at the National District, but next to the difficult schedule. After the Pair of Sea, they will face the Colods of Arizona, Cleveland Brown and Baltimore, and finally ended the season on the game of Dallas Cowboy.

I don’t know if the MVP level is moving the fans, or the fans after the serious injury, Cheap Jerseys From China fans in order to express their support, or black Friday’s stimuli, according to the official data provided, November, the champion of jersey sales in November belongs to Wenz.

After the official document officially submitted to the Alliance, the old-eagle fans were the most fear of the nightmare, they had believed that maybe & mdash; & mdash; just mighty & mdash; & mdash; this year finally turned to them.

Elliot said: “I feel that there are still many variables that have not been cleared. I don’t know how they need to protect the health of the players, always put health problems first. & Hellip; & hellip; we need to ensure that players and their families & mdash; & mdash; there are coaches and their families & mdash; & mdash; not dangerous. “

“Yes,” Braddy said. “I think I am still … no matter what the opportunity, I will consider. If it is a patriot, it is great. I don’t know if the patriot is not, I don’t know. I love to play. I still want to play. I think I think I can still play the performance of the championship. I just have to do this. I have a motivation to work and train. “

Cowboy runs to Elliott: To put the players in the first place

10 days ago, denim ran to the Ezekiel Elliott new crown detection positive. US time on Wednesday, Elliot said that he re-feels “normal” in the live broadcast of Twitch, but has not passed the doctor’s inspection.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Jones determined to avoid serious injuries after receiving the inspection. He is now very small to play the next game against the Seattle Hawks, but the team will have more understanding of him in the next few days.

“Before the start of the season,” Clavite said. “For Tom, it is very important to do anything you want to do with your heart at the end of the season. Do you know what I said to you? Any of these teams for 20 years, helping us to get 6 super bowls of championships and have been People who are selfless dedication have won such rights. I love this young man, he is like my family. The blood family. Anyone who completes these achievements has the right to control his 20 years later. You know, I hope and pray Or, he played for the patriot. Either, he retired. He has a decision to do what you want and what is most beneficial to his personal interests. “

Old will take Cols McCoy instead of the Jones to stay in the team to stay in the victory, and 10 times successfully achieved 31 yards in 10 passes in the game. In his 5 wave attack, the giant completed three arbitrage scores. If Jones can’t get ready to play the game against the Sea Eagle, then McCay will start. He has started 1 game for the Washington football team last season.

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