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On Friday, the team included in the injury list, as well as the outer hand, Jerricho Cotchery, offensive line player Amini, Amini Silatolu. It has previously been injured, Jonathan – Stewart, and Mike Tolbert, confirmed.

British football star Bergs trial jet and Bill

Recently, according to ESPN reporter, British English football star Tom Burgess will be tried to New York Jet and Buffalo Burgo after the New York Giants last week.

Shortly after BROCK Osweiler, Texert is reported that the Texas and Hoyell are planned to break up. After you can’t find the transaction, Texas will choose to cut off Hoyel before the training period will begin on Monday.

Bergs had previously been an Australian British football league player, who once said that his future dream is to become a American football player. He has received an interview: “I am very interested in cheap nfl jerseys. My friends around me know that I want to go there, maybe I can’t get there.”

After the six seasons played 43 games, Hoyer proved to be an excellent substitute quarter. But as long as the team urgently needs four-point guard, he will have the opportunity to compete in the first position.

But it is clear that he can’t fully obtain new coaching groups and management. After the first battle of the season, Hoyell could not completely show his feet in the rest of the season, and the attack he led completely on fake action attack tactics. After Hoyell collapsed in the outer cassessory of the Kansas City chief, Bob McNair was clearly indicated by the new quarter-saving instead of Hoyell.

Based on his trial report, it seems that Bergs currently needs to do transformation preparation. Before his previous Jarryd Hayne tried in 49 people in San Francisco and entered the game list completed 6 games.

According to ESPN reporters, the total amount of new contract salaries is $ 92.5 million, of which 49 million is guaranteed. The $ 18.5 million annual salary ranked second in the Cheap Nfl Jerseys right apartment, second only to Ryan Ramczyk, Saint Ramczyk.

O’Neill is a two-round show in Viking in 2018, and his career is playing 46 games. After the first, I have never been injured. After O’Neill got a first position, Viking’s scorpion code rankings third (4416). Since 2017, Viking people have six signs in the first three rounds of the draft, and O’Neill is the most well.

This is a decision for the famous Hall of House. The effectiveness of the team for many years Packers legend Brett – Favre (Brett Favre) to enter the Hall of Fame will attract a large number of fans to the Packers Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio on. The pony has the former coach Tony Dunji (Tony Dungy) and the outer hand Marvin Harvin Harrison.

The 26-year-old O’Neill last seasons success rate ranks first (80.5%). At present, Viking has successfully renewed about two players, and the previous is safe Wei Harrison-Smith (Harrison Smith), he won a new contract of $ 64 million.

The packaging workers and pony are the fifth time in the celebrities. In the next season, the package workers and ptsurches will also meet again. NFL will announce a complete regular season in spring this spring.

The 2016 Famous Hall of 2016 also includes team boss Little Eddi Debato (Eddie Debartolo Jr.), offensive front line player Orlando Paceo Pace and Dick Stanfel, Siwei Ken – Ken Stabler and Line / Defense Term Edge Ket Greene.

La Potter reported that Hoyell will lose the candidate for their four-point guards after the wild horse will lose Osville. The New York Jets in the Ryan Fitzpatrick negotiations with free players were considered to be interested in Hoyel.

Manzell will become a Branda final quarter

At the end of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati, who was currently not defeated in Thursday, Cleveland Bridge handed the offensive group to Siwu Qiang Ni-Manzel (Johnny Manziel).

McCon said on Tuesday that it is not necessary for more than a few days or maybe he can recover his ribs in a week. 36-year-old McCane did not disclose whether he encountered rib fractures, but McCohone who had breathing and sleep is not optimistic about his next game. McCane did not participate in the training of Tuesday night.

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