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He told this reporter today: “I obviously know what I said, I show my efforts to the world, I am far more than the part of the text, I don’t need to boast, because I am One member in the team, I understand that I am the strongest, I can face each other, even face the entire team. “

Patrick Peterson: I know that I am the first corner of the league

Patrick Peterson apparently understood Wholesale Nfl Jerseys to recognize the value of angular guards, and he also understood his value above other corner.

Gelp said: “Honestly, I want the next time I need to get rid of him in the randie line, so I will work less, I can complete the 10 yards. This is the best saying I can think of. I just wanted to take the hand, it looks like I am pushing. But the matter is here. “

Reissick told reporters: “I feel very good. I feel that I have a good condition, the knowledge reserves are good. I have been confident on my ability. Now I have followed it. Now I am time to play, I have the performance, do me What to do, complete their expectations. “

How to prevent JJ-Watt has become a key task of raidists

For Donald Penn, this week’s contest will be his career, I really encountered J.J.watt (J. J Watt) as a super star rushing hand. Pre-Tanpawan pirate player, now the Auckland raid, Zuo Wei, Pan, cheap jerseys who has been in 2011 and is still a record of Watt. Time 荏苒, Watt will make the Oakland to face Pan again this weekend. This time, Watt has grown to the most destructive rushing hands in the alliance. Pan said: When the first time with Watt, his name has not yet been known. After that, I have never traveled with such a new version of Watt.

Richardson wrote: “I believe that the time to transfer the team to the new owner. Therefore, I will sell this team after the end of this season. Before the end of the game, we won’t Start the sale process, will not respond to consultation. “

In the new show, Watt only won the 5.5 times, but in the 2012 season, he became a top star, won 20.5 times. How to prevent watts from become a major event. In the first week, the raid personnel were responsible for the New York jet at 14-19, and the attack front line will be more struggling. According to ESPN, the rookie of the raid in last week was stressed in the thrasque of 38.5%, and this indicator was high in the alliance.

Cowmone take over Ga Lop talks to key fouls: just want to take out

In the game of Cowboy 17-20, the first key ball of Michael Gallup is blown by a punishment of the attack. This penalty also caused a lot of controversy, and cowboy coach Mike McCarthy is very dissatisfied with this penalty.

However, the denim has earlier in the second half, there is also benefit from the dispute. Niu Tha Yu Ji, Aldon Smith, has hit the helmet to the helmet, if the foul is blown, and the teammates are turned into a dark. However, when the value of the referee did not blow, the cowboy also used this opportunity to obtain any ball score.

The red rock line Wei Radik self-confidence will make performance

Beijing June 3rd, after the outer rushing hand, the wire Weihasan-Reddick (HAASON Reddick) acts in the replacement of the defensive system.

Bill Bo Kim – Pegula said in a statement: “We are very happy to welcome highmark to join Buffalo Bills family, we are very happy to work with them and crown to our stadium. Name. “” We have confidence to see Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield from West of New York is committed to maintaining its status of health care and charity charity in our region. We look forward to working with their team, I hope not only to leave on football Beautiful memories, you can also create many health related and community activities. “

This is the fifth name in the venue of New York Orchard Park. The first 25 years it is called Rich Stadium (1973-97), and the home is renamed Ralph Wilson Stadium (1998-2015), then renamed the new Century Course NEW ERA Field (2016-19). In the past season, the building was named Bills Stadium alone.

“The Bill team is the most popular team in the West of New York. It is better than the way we hope to continue to become part of this community than by sponsored Bill. We hope to work together with the Bill team to create our stadium Regions and even the most famous landmarks throughout New York, “David W. Anderson” said, “Highmark Stadium is the glory of the Bill team. It will continue to become the future of other activities in the future. These activities can enhance the health and overall well-being of our community. “

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