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“I don’t know, I really don’t know.” O’Brien said, “I know he is working hard & hellip; & hellip; in other places, his body is not going. He is doing our best to prepare for the game. But said By the end, (reporting or not) depends on him. If he wants to come, it will come to prepare a full state. He is a professional player. (Waiting for him) We will continue to advance. But I don’t know the specific time point. It is not possible to predict. “

Crawni and his team are clear, although Texas people do not necessarily take, but it is good for him to make a pretty season. Texas also knows that the excellent performance of Crawni is very important to their playoffs.

Leisong strong rebound helps packaging work winningA focus of Tenbei District in Zhou Guiji is launched between Green Bay packaging workers and Minnesota, the final package is more winning, winning the game with 30-13, returning to the partitioned name.

The recovery time of this surgical and injury is usually around a month. With five weeks of unveiling at the season, Ming Ge may be able to return to participate in the first battle of the season of New York Jet.

Texas people coach uncertain lines to KrahniBeijing August 14th News Texas people outside the Dadeveon Clowney will come to the team? Even Texas Honor Bill O’Brien (Bill O & RSQUO; Brien) is also unclear. However, he doesn’t worry at all.

Griffin’s rookie rated as a super superstar to enter the red skin into the playoffs, but the 2013 season encountered a bad time, the 2013 season is poor performance and the bad physical condition continues.

“In the past two years, I have to deal with injuries and strive to come back from the injury,” Wenz said on Thursday. “This year, I can really get rid of injuries, strive to train in the gym. I am not very exaggerated in weight. But I definitely increase some weight. I feel really very for my current situation. satisfy.”

The name of En Eim Parria was familiar with the fans in his effectiveness in the New York jet, and the lack of Swano Smith was wounded. After being retired by the jet, Empari joined the same partial Bill. Front jet trainer Rex Ryan is willing to give a new opportunity to Empari, but his performance is not enough to help him stay in 53 people.

Bill announced the signing of the Empari Ik Enemkpali returned to Buffalo, this time, he will appear in the team’s training lineup. Before 3 days ago, Bill announced him, then the second line guard was aggravated and the team became a member of the training lineup.

The Philadelphia Eagle quarter-point guard again ended the season due to injury. However, in the last season, he was in the playoffs in the playoffs. It was shocking in the Seattle Eagle instead of torn like 2017 knees, and his back fracture is in 2018. He can take attention during this year. Placed on weight rather than rehabilitation.

Minggo was selected in Brown in 2013, but he has been suffering from injuries. In the rookie season, he absent a game due to the contusion of the lungs, and almost all the 2014 season he took the injury to the shoulder joint lip. After the end of the season, she accepted the treatment shoulder, the whole spring and summer his training were limited. On Wednesday, he reported that the knees were stiff. Subsequent Brown made him accept the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination. According to Ian Rapoport, cheap nfl Jerseys official website reported that he was diagnosed as a half-moon torn.

Griffin is the second place in 2012, if the team, he will receive 16 million US dollars next season. In order to save the salary space, the performance of Kirk Cousins is excellent, and there is no miracle next month.

But another offensive star Randel – 科 布b is still downturn. In the game, Rogers used him as a ball goal, but the Kubble was only tweaking 2 goals and pushed 24 yards. In the competition, Kubo appeared 2 to 3 times, and the road running, and the road running was always gap with Rogers. At present, the offensive of the packageman has a resuscitation, but the team still needs Kobe as a top piece takes forward.

As a six-round show in the 2014 season, En Ampary is only 6 times in the rookie season, completing 3 times. Although there is no big list, it is also a good choice for the training lineup for En Empari. When a routine player has a injury, he will have the opportunity to hit the big list again.

The offensive performance of the package in the past few weeks has been criticized. This week they met a familiar Eddie Lacy. Leisen game 22 times, promoted 100 yards, the first single scene of single-player is over 100 yards this season. This season, he has been troubled by injuries. This week can be used, and it is largely alleviated the pressure of Aaron Rodgers, and also enriches the team’s tactical choice.

The general manager of the team said to this matter: “We will make a decision on March 9. I need to sit down and coaches to talk well. He is a great player, people are also very good, he can harmon with us. Communication, this is a good thing. “

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