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In the past, we just knew Hilton a strong entraining taken in Indiana Pony. He ranked 1345 yards to the fifth, just missed a game. With the old go of Reggie Wayne, Hilton gradually became the preferred target of Andrew Luck.

US time on Wednesday, the team officially puts the list of injuries, and he will absent at least eight weeks to recover injuries. In order to fill the big list vacancy, they signed offline Wei Jonathan – Jonathan Freeny

“This is the fake fake in the past, and it is still throwing forward, and the small throwing is still jumped through three defensive players or bowed to strive for more codes.” Falf said, “this performance It is unexpectedly, maybe you will expect such a player like Baker or Mahmus, like me, playing like Baker and Mahms like a number of people. Six feelings. “

“There is no doubt that the sky is the limit for the sky,” Fair said. “Yes, I think his play style, I heard that Mahms is also the same, I agree with the play of two people & mdash; & mdash; if you have to choose a front player comparison & mdash; & mdash; and my style Similar “

This season, the shortcomings of patriot exposure are more and more. The four points of Weidi finally had the age visible, and the 246-pass 13th of the 13th of the game was reached twice. The close-end edue, Rob Gronkowski, is constant, no longer like the throne of the first close to the league in the past, 3 times in this game as a pass target, no one . Before this season, Josh Gordon is relapsed, the career is basically over, and CORDARRELLE PATTERSON is injured in the game today. Fortunately, the ground offensive excellent, the total public is 273 yards, running to the Sony Michel to play a good 18-time shock 116 yards.

Tick ​​is the nephew of the front NFL abandoned Matt Turk, and he only took the first year in ASU, then he chose to participate in advance. He abandoned the kick code 46 last season, the longest 75 yards, 23 abandoned more than 50 yards.

After this, the patriot is 10 wins and 5 losses, Bill 5 wins and 10 losses, although not like mysteriously in the playoffs last year, but the words of Josh Allen, Josh Allen, challenge the patriot The rule of the United States can stay in the day.

There is no doubt that the first one is our New York Giants take over Bakerham, and the incredible 79 games have completed 1120 yards and 11 reacted, pay attention to only 11 games. He is currently ranking 13th, the first place in the new show, for the giant fans, they have a rising superstar.

Although the impact on the outlook foreground may not be large, it is no problem to blow. His bevel push is more than 18 offensive front line members in the measurement, there is a wide range of optimistic Tristan – Velfos (24) and McGi Becton (23) .

Five new highlights on the 2014 season Cheap Nfl JerseysOn the 17th week, NFL’s regular season will come to an end, every scene of the game makes fans to memorize, there is always a player to make you feel infinite, then let’s take a look at the 5th in the 2014 season. Highlight.

Bell is a perfect running guard for the Pingsburgh steel man. He completed 1341 yards this season. On average of 4.7 yards per game, this data is second only to Anthony Brown, he is completely equipped. It is known as one of the perfect running guards.

In 2014, the 13th was selected. At present, the fifth place in the alliance defensive cut off at 40 times, and his side is a famous Robert Quinn. It is James Laulinaitis, and they have the opportunity to become the best defensive combination of the league because they are still young.

In the Complex Camp of US Time Thursday, Arizona State University abandoned Michael Turk to complete 25 225-ltud push, which became the most resembled kicks since 2003. In 2018, Tennessee University abandoned the Trevor Daniel completed 23 sleeper.

Mark did not be concerned by the outside world, because he played at the Auckland raid, but he was definitely a good player. As an outside line, he has contributed 73 抱 抱, of which 13 leads to the number of lost codes, when the raid After adding more people to him, he is enough to prove that his fifth time is not stolen.

Brown, which is currently 1 win and 2, has poor performance in many ways, but Galert is obviously not here. His 6 kills were the highest data made by Brown players in the driver’s head 3 weeks in 1982 since the introduction of official statistics.

[Review of the event] Patriot 24-12 defeat Bill for the 11th yearBeijing December 24th, the patriot was overcome with the partition in the same partition, and there was no suspense in the end of the year, and Tom Brady and Bill Bilchk ( Bill Belichick 18 years of cooperation between the 16th partition of Patriots (this is a big relationship with the three teams of the same partition). However, it is undeniable that it is difficult to maintain this long-term strong position in this long-term movement of the rugby.

In the next game, Brown will pair the Mosaus of the array partition. If we win, they have the opportunity to reach the first position in the United Jianbei District. And to win, obviously they need Gallet from being troubled by foul.

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