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Titan’s left cutoffs did not pass the drug inspection by the drug inspectionBeijing July 25th, the first four fields in Titan may increase the difficulty, because they trust the first left cutaway will be banned.

Le Wan said in the video letter: “My name is Taylor Le Wan. I am Tennesi Titan to the left side. This video is made by my own, there is no space of the misinterpret. I received a few weeks ago, I received it. A letter from NFL, inform me that I have not passed the Ostarine drug test (the translation: also known as MK-2866, is one of the SARMS (selective androgen receptor module) created by GTX, which is used to avoid and treat muscle atrophy. (Completely thin body part), malignant disease, muscle reduction, hormone or testosterone replacement therapy). This drug is prohibited by WADA in 2007. The labor agreement is not moving. I assume that all responsibility, to be responsible for what I take it, no matter Is there any indication in an ingredient table.

“I want everyone to know, I have never taken the initiative to use tonic, I have never cheated in the game, and I will never do this. & Hellip; & hellip; for ywasteit.com me, the most important thing is to tell everyone that I will not cheat. I It also demonstrates it, and the result also proved that I did not know. I have never intentionally use anti-drug, I can’t afford Titan & Hellip; & hellip; (哽) & hellip; & hellip; really difficult. I have to apologize to Titan and fans, I There are four games that cannot be taken. But I have never cheated, I don’t want you to feel deceived. I am sorry, I will become better, I will come back. My drug has been handed over to third-party testing, I also Will publicize the result. & Hellip; & hellip; to prove that I have never done a loss, I will do my best to be able to & hellip; & hellip; thank you for watching this video, thank you all those who support me. “

When the lion is close to the hope of the playoffs, the best solution for Stafford’s long-term health should be absence all the rest of the game. But Stafford hopes to come back this season. He felt that he was watching “frustrating” on the scene.

Haiying’s new show line warrior reimbursement, signing the corner of the second lineOn the local time, the Seattle Habi official announced that the new show is included in the wounded reserve list, which means his rookie season has ended in advance. Pierl Louis was injured in the game with the Chief of Kansas City, he was injured in the shoulder. Previously, due to the main line Weibo-Wagner injured, Pierl Louis got a large number of outlight opportunities. His performance also compensates for the loss of the team due to the absence of the team due to Wagner.

The lion quarter-point Weistiford is uncertain when it is able to come backMatthew Stafford doesn’t know when to return to the venue. However, he said that the team is working together to determine the right back time.

Wright signed a contract with 49 people in March this year, Wright, a contract worth 3 million US dollars in this year, before four seasons, he has started 27 games for San Diego lightning. 28-year-old Lite failed to enter 49 people in the four games of this season.

The raid person will sign Titan quartz Bucus Mario Tower Tennesi Titan trades Ryan Tannehill as a quasi-Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus. But Tannel quickly replaced Marcus Mario Tag, and eventually led the team to enter the United States championship. Yesterday, Titan and Quaterni Ryan Tannehill continued for 4 years, with a total contract of $ 118 million, including $ 62 million, and a total guarantee of $ 91 million.

The meaning of this history is that if the jet does not pick Mario Tag in the sixth step, there may be a long time to have another team willing to pick a quarter. Then, if the jet does not show, will it be interested?

Cleveland Brown, Denver Wom Horse and New Orleans Saints are only three-wheel sighted teams in the quarter-saving position and have the first roundabed team after the jet. Brown and Saints each have 2 first roundabouts, Brown is in the twelfth and 199th, and the saints are in the thirteenth and thirty-up. The first round sign of the wild horse is in the twenty-eighth. But the general manager of the three teams has a strong reason not to choose quad-saving in the first round. Brown was selected for a year ago, Johnny Manziel, despite the shadow of the four-dimensional career, Brown is very impossible for two consecutive years in the first round. Quarter. At the same time, the saints and wild horses each have a star old quadruple Drew Brees and PEYTON Manning. Although the two of the two people are enough to make the team wisely make the decision of the first round of the packaged worker in 2005, the two teams have more urgent needs in other locations.

“There is no exact time arrangement, anything possible,” Stafford said. “I think this is a situation that has been changing. I am paying attention to injury, trying to make sure when I returned, I am ready to play, obviously, as I said before, I tried my best to make myself as soon as possible Dress. “

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