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Great can have a lot of ways to interpret, maybe Witten’s old experience and reliability is to let Romo always choose his important reason, but Romo himself is also supported by people, in fact, no one requires fans. Support.

Previously, I sent a six-point show for the Jack-Luton, the Jake Luton, and the first quarter of the season, and the gardner minshew continued cheap Jerseys From China the thumb. Rehabilitation in injury, but he is close to completely restore health.

This can be said, we encourage Romo to tell the team’s efforts, such as Emmit Smith, Randy White, Bob Lily, Tony Tony Tony Dorsett, Demarcus Ware, Lee Roy Jordan and Larry Allen. They are all shared a huge player for the wingets.

Rawei and pirates completed 5 years 50 million contractsRecently, Tampawan pirates completed a contract worth 50.25 million US dollars in 5 years, more than 25 million US dollars in the guarantee, which made him a league income. One of the highest wire guards.

[Team News] Regular season 1 week: New Shuai opened the doorThe regular season finally started! In the first week of competition, including the raid, several teams changed the handsome team failed to win. Looking forward to the next week, these new hands can be retrieved!

Tony Romozi praise is the best near-end pointerDallas Cowboy’s four-dimensional Tony Romo has given a high evaluation of Jason Witten, Jason Witten. He said in an interview in front of the sea eagle: “He may be the best player in Dallas.”

Texas is expected to sign a long agreement with the privileged player CrawniBeijing July 10th, all the teams can sign the long agreement with their respective privileged labels, but it seems that Houston Texas has made decisions.

[Review of the event] Patriot 24-12 defeat Bill for the 11th yearBeijing December 24th, the patriot was overcome with the partition in the same partition, and there was no suspense in the end of the year, and Tom Brady and Bill Bilchk ( Bill Belichick 18 years of cooperation between the 16th partition of Patriots (this is a big relationship with the three teams of the same partition). However, it is undeniable that it is difficult to maintain this long-term strong position in this long-term movement of the rugby.

According to local media reports in Houston, Texas expects not to give Jade, Jade, Clowney, will not be approximately JADEVEON CLOWNEY. He will organize the new season in a 1 year of 15.967 million US dollars.

Glennong was selected by Tampawan Pirates in 2013, and the season was first sent 13 games, but it quickly lost the opportunity. Since 2014, he has only received 9 first opportunities. He quickly gave Mitchell Trubisky and only for the team for 1 year. In the Joining the Jaguchi, he spent a season in Arizona Raess and the Auckland raid.

According to a person familiar, the Texas is due to whether there is any difference between Crawnici. Former General Manager Brian Gaine and coach Bill O’Brien have different opinions on this issue. After Gaun was fired, O’Brien was able to become a final decision maker.

After this, the patriot is 10 wins and 5 losses, Bill 5 wins and 10 losses, although not like mysteriously in the playoffs last year, but the words of Josh Allen, Josh Allen, challenge the patriot The rule of the United States can stay in the day.

This season, the shortcomings of patriot exposure are more and more. The four points of Weidi finally had the age visible, and the 246-pass 13th of the 13th of the game was reached twice. The close-end edue, Rob Gronkowski, is constant, no longer like the throne of the first close to the league in the past, 3 times in this game as a pass target, no one . Before this season, Josh Gordon is relapsed, the career is basically over, and CORDARRELLE PATTERSON is injured in the game today. Fortunately, the ground offensive excellent, the total public is 273 yards, running to the Sony Michel to play a good 18-time shock 116 yards.

Luton performance was stable in his career, but it was not working in 2 games. In the game, Luton has only 16 success in 37 passes, and 151 yards have been obtained. There are only 15 passes to be copied, and the quarterfield is only 15.5.

Jacksonville America Tiger coach Doug – Marorna announced that the old quarter-saving will start in the next game against Blivland Brown. Glennon’s last first is the fourth week of the 2017 season for Chicago bears.

The reason why Malone said that Glenn farm debut is that it is affected by the epidemic, and Ming Xiu cannot get enough pass training time in this week’s training. However, Ming Xiu may be a substitute in the game day.

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