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Beijing Time September 5th regular season will be started in Seattle, when these issues will answer: Will Huang Ban will then fly? Is it still there for defensive guards? Is it clear if the scale of illegal blocking and personal violations will be clarified? Of course, there is also what everyone expects: The offensive of the package is the defense of Richard Sherman, which is known as the best of the union. Is Shelman who has been defense or with Jordy Nelson? McChaki said “If you look at the game, you will get these answers.”

Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, currently led the team to complete 8 wins and 1 negative record, obvious that the team management group has no reason to let him sit on the bench. Moreover, he once again completed the 319 yards in the 319-yard highlight performance.

The eagle is not easy. Although I won the enemy Dallas cowgirl in Thanksgiving, they still have to face the Seattle Hawks, and face the cowboy that came to revenge, if Mark Sanchez It is possible to prove that you have the ability to lead the team to win the game, and the eagle coach is very likely to consider the abandonment of Falls.

In the first few hours before the trading message, Hasenberg said that he was frustrated from the coach group to correct the passive ball in two seasons in the jet. He is impossible to get an opportunity at present, a jet of Sam Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater.

The packaging worker coach said it is time to make the alliance clearlyOn Tuesday Press Conference, Green Bay Packaging Workers Mike McCarthy said that the alliance’s sentence is said that the alliance is the standard and decrease of the punishment. “I think that I have been paying attention to the player’s hand movement is the previous thing. The discussion point of the game should not be on this. The alliance does not let the jersey, then do not grasp the jersey, they give rule standards, then our work That is to teach them to players. “

In this competition, the Matthews who was pitcher threw the ball to the offensive front line player Lucas Patrick. But after the latter hit the ball, Matthew could not respond in time, hit the spherical trail on the Matthew nose.

Denim is so cautious to treat Romo is made by two reasons, first of all, they don’t want him to return too early because his back injury is old injury. The second reason is that you will make him more intense between the competition between the four-point guard, this is also a cowgirl.

Newsom said: “For their performance so far, click through the next page team is not satisfied, of course, I think Matt would not be satisfied with their performance..” According to statistics, a total of Elam appeared 18 times last season, missed tackles , the team most. As another security guard Will – Rise Hill (Will Hill), and Elam’s playing time has also been a corresponding impact.

After the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the jets that need four-point guards still difficult to touch the coach group, Hasenberg began to improve their own passive posture from the beginning of this year.

So in December, the eagle and Sanchez are a month to determine the fate. If Sanchez and Eagles can maintain the state of winning the cowboy today, then the eagle enters the playoffs and even further is not a dream.

Brown linebacker last season, he played only 211 stalls, the outstanding performance of his teammates limited his playing time. Newsom said: “Arthur need to find ways to get more opportunities in the game, we now have CJ Mosley (CJ Mosley) and Daly – Smith (Darly Smith), their level is very high, Arthur must be more efforts. “crow will continue to be two of the above-mentioned trust, but in the end whether to find a place in the team, depends only on the performance of two in the game.

Ravens general manager: the team was not satisfied with some playersBaltimore Ravens in the draft 2013 season in the first two rounds has selected a security guard Matt – Eelam (Matt Elam) and linebacker Arthur – Brown (Arthur Brown), but the team’s performance is not for the above two satisfy. General Manager Aoqi Ye – Newsom (Ozzie Newsome) said the team hope they can do better.

When will Nick Fall? When can I hurt?Philadelphia eagle four-point 卫 Nik-Folees has been in a stamped state since the lay bone injury in the eighth week, and it seems that Falls may take longer to return to the field. Philadelphia exploration reporter Jeff McLANE said that Falls is likely that there is no way to recover within 6 to 8 weeks of expected, and the Falls’s clavicle needs to continue to take a while to adapt to NFL. Strength of.

Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, is willing to gamble in Hulanberger, trying to let Hackenberg’s career salted fish turned over to be low risks but high returns. When Grunette served as an ESPN guest, he thought that Hulanberg had the potential of the first round show.

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