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Starks has a better running guard & mdash; & mdash; Rexi himself also admitted this & mdash; & mdash; included in the sixth week. His game recording first is his rapid explosive force and a change in the future to find an airful ability, and Raybi lacks such an capability.

Although it did not agree on the new contract before, Wagner was also reported to the team training camp on a time. Although according to the report, if the new contract is late, Wagner considers the training of its participation.

6 months ago“Although 10 years look very long, he did not change at all.” Gain said. Gore ‘s performance is indeed stable, although there is no shock of 1214 yards of personal career book record, he has always been one of the most efficient running guards in the Alliance.

Sea Eagle and Line Weiberbi – Wagner has a $ 54 million for about 3 yearsBeijing July 27, US Time is reported on Friday, according to Many media such as ESPN, cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork, the Hawks will meet with Bobby Wagner for 3 years of $ 54 million in Bobby Wagner. This will make Wagner an alliance’s highest salary internal protection.

Broncos quarterback unwilling to accept salary requirements Fitzpatrick- John Elway (John Elway) did not agree Bullock – Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler) asking price. He may have another free agent quarterback who’s asking the same attitude.

Looks teams are not willing to meet the salary requirements of the 33-year-old quarterback. New York Jets and Fitzpatrick is currently in contract negotiations are still huge differences. Jets slightly more than willing to offer a 3-year $ 21 million contract. The Fitzpatrick thinks he looks worth nearly $ 18 million annual salary, target current salary free agent quarterback market is so. Whether it be the Jets or Broncos now seem reluctant out of this price.

Dolphins are not worried about Frank Gore age For NFL’s running guards, 30-year-old is a large mountain of career. From here, they need to prove that their ability will not be weak. Dolphin runs to Frank Gore, 35 years old, seems to be one of them.

Both people are not excellent in performance, but Starks will have the opportunity to let the packwork end loses. In the face of the Rankings of the Ranking League, the thirtieth of the lion defensive (133.8 yards), the package is very likely to return to the right track in the shock attack and win.

If Gore is Shunfeng this year, he is likely to surpass the Curtis Martin and become the fourth historical punch number. If the 2019 season continues to be excellent, surpass Barry Sanders comes to the third nor an idiots dream.

In fact, all the beginning is very innocent. Katnik has completed a twice after completing the recovery training: “The arm has a total weight of 1000 pounds, 10 minutes skipping, 2 hours of video learning, this is my February, I call It is restored! “

The fans did not show weak reply: “I hope that every player will take responsibility in his own tactical execution. If you can’t do it, you will go to XX. And your family doesn’t want to know if you are doing! You yourself! “

Mickey would want the top 1500-16 million US dollars in the top 1500-16 million US dollars or close to Derrick Henry, 8 million US dollars in Melvin Gordon. Average average salary? Do you want to meet the demands of Minrson?

Earlier reports said the Broncos contacted Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) broker. And on Sunday, ESPN reported that the Mustang “is currently unwilling to” pay the salary Fitzpatrick had hoped. The two sides could continue negotiations in the future.

Broncos on Friday with a conditional seven trade show to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez). Elvey to deal called the “first step in our process of looking for a quarterback.” Mustang is being discussed with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin transaction – one of the teams Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick), but negotiations are no results.

In recent years, the Tiger is in the training camp and the external hand Taylor – Tyler Boyd (2019), defending the Passenger Kino – Geno Atkins, defensive end Karlos – Deng La Carlos Dunlap (2018) and Star Extract AJ Green (2015) Renewal.

Mickson’s contract is $ 12.08 million this year. His replacement Giovani Bernard This year’s basic salary reached US $ 3.7 million. Bernard has renewed for 2 years from the Mmula last year, and the average annual salary reached $ 5.1 million, ranked 13th in all Runaway of the Alliance, and Mixson only ranked 47th.

Whether it is due to injuries (ankles, groin) or weight gain, Razi has not effectively finds air and lacks explosive power. Renee has participated in the training on Wednesday. He leaving the hurt injury in the game.

The poor performance of Rexi has made the entire Wisconsin anxious, especially during the two-game losers of the packaging. This third-year running guard 83 sho is only 308 yards, with an average of 3.7 yards per time. In his four games in the past, the number of Siwisi single field codes did not exceed 38 yards and only one game has exceeded 2.1 yards per shock.

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